UFC Champion Willing To Train Floyd Mayweather To Fight In MMA


Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has already shut down rumors indicating that he could sign a deal with the UFC to compete in mixed martial arts, but one UFC champion feels as if it would be a good idea.

Speaking on the topic, welterweight titleholder Tyron Woodley said a fight against lightweight champion Conor McGregor, who Mayweather beat in a boxing match this past August, would make sense for “Money” inside the Octagon because the “Notorious” one is primarily a stand-up fighter:

“Conor makes sense, because Conor is really a stand-up fighter,” Woodley said on TMZ’s “The Hollywood Beatdown.” “He throws some kicks. Most of those kicks are flashy kicks just to keep you off of him. But he’s not going to do anything really beyond boxing. He’s not going to be wrestling you; he’s not going to be grappling you. So, for Floyd Mayweather, if I was coming into the sport to do MMA, I would want an opponent like that: a striker. (Not) someone who’s going to wrestle him, kick him or a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist, and he gets put in submissions, and he doesn’t even know what the hell is going on.”

Not only does Woodley like the idea of Mayweather fighting McGregor in the UFC, but he also offered to train the former five division world champion for a potential MMA debut:

“****, I might be walking down to the octagon with him,” Woodley said.

“Do it, man. Your legacy is cemented in boxing. This is something that’s just for fun to rack up some more cash. (You’ve) got a crazy lifestyle, you spend a lot of money, and this is another way where you can stack some (cash). Fight Conor McGregor in MMA, let me know when you need me to slide through. We’ll get you trained, get you ready and beat the breaks off of him inside the octagon.”

What do you make of Woodley’s comments?