Six Reasons The UFC’s New Owners Are Walking Into A Hornet’s Nest

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ufc 182 weigh-ins

USADA Issues

The effect of USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) on the UFC thus far may be positive depending on what way you look at it. When the UFC signed on with the third party testing organization, its goal was to clean up the sport. I would argue that USADA is clearly on its way to doing just that given the increased amount of drug test failures since they started actively testing fighters.

With that being said, you may be wondering how this could be a problem for WME-IMG. Well, stricter testing also means more fighters getting popped and more cards taking massive hits, which is obviously not a plus for the promotion.

Look at UFC 200, for example. The landmark event was supposed to be the ‘biggest’ and ‘baddest’ in company history, and it had the potential to be. However, USADA left the card beaten down and broken. The main event fell through due to a potential anti-doping violation, and the co-main event went on despite one of its competitors popping for a banned substance, which wasn’t a good look for the UFC.