Scott Coker responds to some fight fans believing that the Fedor Emelianenko vs. Chael Sonnen fight was fixed.

The Issue

It seems like over the past few years whenever there is a legend fight going on under the Bellator MMA banner, these claims come up. Well, the Bellator President is denying those claims as he said there was no foul play involved in the fight.


As seen in the main event of Bellator 208 on Saturday night (October 13, 2018) at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York on the Paramount Network, Fedor was able to score a first round TKO win over Chael Sonnen.

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Scott Coker Responds

As a result of this fight, he advanced to the final bout of the Bellator heavyweight tournament. Coker spoke with the media following this fight where he was asked about these claims and downplayed it right away.

“I mean, c’mon – that doesn’t even deserve a response to the people that are saying it,” Coker told reporters, including MMAjunkie. “Listen, Chael got clipped. He told me, he said, ‘Man, he hit me and he hit me really good.’ And he was done. That’s it. With Chael, the thing with Tito (Ortiz), ‘Oh, he let him go,’ or something. C’mon. Why would you do that? You’re a professional athlete. You’re a fighter. He wants to continue, he wants to go to the next round of the tournament. That’s just all rubbish.”

The Bottom Line

Coker also stated that he’s not sure why this is brought up. However, he does think that it might have to do with to the fighters involved and their personalities. Coker couldn’t make it any clearer, which is that this was a true fight and nothing manufactured.

“I don’t know (why people say that),” Coker said. “To me, they see Chael, he’s got this character and they just feel like with Chael he’s this character, so maybe that’s what they’re thinking (it’s fixed). If you had Fedor punching you and kicking you and kneeing you like he was doing today – that was real. That was not fake.”