Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently sat in the MMA dog house, following a pretty rough start to 2015 for the Jackson’s MMA product. ‘Bones’ got caught with the good stuff in his system during a late 2014 drug test, the results of which weren’t made public until after his UFC 182 title defense against the now-champ Daniel Cormier.

His short-lived stint in a drug treatment facility obviously not enough of a deterrent, Jones went full madman and decided to smash up a pregnant lady’s car during a late night bender. Luckily ‘JJ’ isn’t facing homicide charges, but felony hit-and-run is bad enough. Stripped of his title and left for the legal wolves to pick at, ‘Bones’ is currently tasting the bottom of life’s barrel, sucks to be him.

Someone with little sympathy for the former pound-for-pound king is old school MMA and UFC veteran Frank Trigg. The two-time UFC welterweight title challenger tells our good friends over at Submission Radio that ‘Bones’ made his own bed:

“Like, I’m on the fence with the Daniel Cormier side, in where people have to stop making excuses for this guy and feeling sorry for this guy. I feel sorry for his Mom and Dad. I feel sorry for his brothers, I feel sorry for his Girlfriend and for their kids. I feel sorry for the team, the team around him. You know the guys at Jackson’s that have to deal with this whole fallout. Don’t feel sorry for Jon Jones. He’s a grown ass man. He’s a man that’s an adult, that pays his own bills and has his own pay cheque, can drive his own car, can make his own decisions. He’s making dumb decisions. So when you make bad decisions you have to pay for them. Sometimes the payment is smaller and easier, and this payment that he’s about to make is going to be huge.”

Jones’ fate is yet to be decided, but clearly Trigg, and likely many others, feel that the excuses need to stop. Playing in Jon’s favor is that UFC president Dana White promised the ex-champ an immediate title fight if he returns to fighting. Trigg simply doesn’t see that happening:

“It’s going to be crazy for him to try to even think about trying to get out of this. And he’s in a difficult place right now. And you know for the UFC – and I think Dana White came out and said “hey, he’s going to have an immediate title shot when he comes back after everything gets settled””. It’s kind of early to say that. You know, we love Dana and the fact that he says everything that comes to his mind, he holds true to his word and he wears his heart on his sleeve, but the reality of it is that it’s too early to say that because, you know he could be doing six months. You know six months in jail in New Mexico. And then to come out and start training again and try to get ready, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I don’t know if he could pull that off.”

The evidence in the case of Jon Jones is pretty heavily sided for the prosecution. It’s highly likely that he will be going inside, but I’m not sure Trigg’s point of view about ‘Bones’ returning is accurate. Ever the Jones critic, Frank Trigg said in closing on the subject:

I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner’

Well, you can probably assume Trigg will be struck off Jon Jones’ Christmas card list. The man that used to be the king of the MMA world is reduced to being the subject of Trigg’s jibes, perhaps that is a heavier price to pay than any jail sentence?