UFC president Dana White has changed his tune about Gina Carano recently…

Just a couple of months back now, UFC president Dana White was talking about finalizing contract negotiations with Gina Carano. The former Strikeforce champion and current Hollywood movie star had been the topic of much banter among UFC fans. In a time where Ronda Rousey is dominating her division, it looked like “Crush” would be a likely future contender.

Then that all changed, and Carano decided that she would continue to make movies this year...Much to the dismay of Dana White and many fans. Speaking with FOX Sports, Dana White describes his dealings with the former Strikeforce women’s champ:

“The hardest human being we’ve ever dealt with and I didn’t see it coming,” White said about trying to sign Carano. “I don’t know, we’ll see how these things play out. Just incredibly difficult. We’ve dealt with (Brock) Lesnar, Tito (Ortiz), Chuck (Liddell) was f–king king of the world, Ronda Rousey, we’ve pretty much done deals with everyone on Earth and she is the hardest f–king athlete we have ever dealt with.” 

I almost can’t believe that Carano just got mentioned in the same sentence as Tito Ortiz…surely she can’t be that difficult to talk to. White elaborates, explaining that it is her management that causes most of the breakdowns in negotiations:

“The problem is she allows herself to be handled by these Hollywood f–king idiots. It’s absolutely crazy. We’ve had all the biggest superstars in the world. You’re talking about a girl who hasn’t fought in a while. Any time you deal with anyone in f–king Hollywood it’s a joke. It’s literally a joke, it’s comical. I’m going to tell you what Lorenzo (Fertitta) said to me — he said whatever you do, if you want this fight to happen, do not talk to her manager,” White said.  “That’s what Lorenzo said to me. He said ‘you will f–king go crazy, you will lose your mother—-ing mind. If you want this to happen, please don’t call this guy.’  A few days ago Lorenzo was like ‘it’s probably time for you to call this guy.’ That’s how bad it’s been. I’ll leave it at that.”

So maybe Dana White isn’t trashing “Crush” too hard, but it’s clear that he feels her representation is ill fitting. Is Carano emerged too deep in the Hollywood world to return to her fighting roots, or will the UFC president eventually be able to coax her back to where many feel she belongs?

Unfortunately for fans of “Crush”, it may be too little too late. Another year out of fighting would be the sixth since getting mashed by “Cyborg” in her only professional loss, and last fight.

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