Pic of the Day: Josh Koscheck’s Eye 36 Hours After Having it Jabbed Into a Living Death by GSP

In case you missed the prognosis, Josh Gross from ESPN.com reported yesterday that Josh Koscheck had to be driven to Boston by his trainer “Crazy” Bob Cook sunday evening where he is scheduled today to have surgery today for a broken orbital bone he suffered during his five-round routing by welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre Saturday night in Montreal at UFC 124.

(At least Kos’ eye doesn’t look like the business end of a Fleshlight anymore.)

The normally cocky fighter who seemed humbled by the beating he took by GSP Saturday night spent was kept over night in the hospital and was ordered not to fly by doctors in Montreal after they detected an air pocket behind his eye that could have caused complications due to the increased pressure of being at a high altitude.
Freddie Roach wasn’t far off the mark when he said GSP would KO Koscheck with a left hook. It was a combination of St-Pierre’s left jab and smattering of short left hooks that caused the damage to Koscheck’s eye, and although he didn’t finish the American Kickboxing Academy fighter, he likely knocked him out of competition for at least the next six to eight months.

Bonus pic: Kos’ fellow AKA teammate and St-Pierre jab victim Jon Fitch.