Watch: Paddy Pimblett apologizes for dog’s ‘sloppy sh*t’ left on neighbor’s lawn

Paddy Pimblett

It’s not every day that Paddy Pimblett rings your doorbell because his dog took a “sloppy sh*t” on your lawn, but that’s precisely what happened to one neighbor of the lightweight UFC star.

Pimblett found himself lacking the tools necessary to clean up after the mess his dog made while taking an evening stroll. Not content with leaving the lot for someone else, Pimblett approached the home to politely ask if they had anything he could use to clean up the mess. It was a hilarious, yet oddly wholesome interaction that gave fans another reason to love the Liverpudlian.

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Paddy Pimblett Was Just Trying to Do the Right Thing

“Hello, love. Me dog’s just had a sloppy sh*t outside and I was just wondering if you’ve got some water,” Pimblett said after ringing the doorbell. “I don’t want to leave it outside.”

Then, Pimblett’s neighbor recognized him, asking herself, “Is that Paddy the Baddy?” before telling him to leave the mess.

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“You sure? I feel terrible,” Pimblett responded. “He just had a proper sloppy sh*t and I can’t even pick it up with a poo bag, you know what I mean?”

The neighbor once again told Pimblett not to worry about the mess and that she would take care of it.

“Thank you very much, once again,” Pimblett concluded. “I’m sorry about that. I hate doing stuff like that. That’s why I knocked on.”

Paddy Pimblett‘s dog may be making a mess outside, but ‘The Baddy’ is spotless inside the Octagon. Since debuting for the promotion in 2021, Pimblett has gone 3-0, all by way of finish. Pimblett will be back in action at UFC 282 on December 10th when he faces Jared Gordon.

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