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MMA Fighter Tara LaRosa Takes Down Violent Anti-Trump Protester (Video)

Tara LaRosa
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Mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Tara LaRosa made headlines recently when she took down an anti-Trump protester who was allegedly getting violent.

The incident took place at a flag-waving gathering in Portland this past weekend. LaRosa took the woman down after she allegedly attacked another woman at the event. Andy Ngo of The Post Millenial shared the details.

At flag-waving rally in Portland, @TaraLaRosa says she had to take anti-Trump protester to the ground after the woman allegedly attacked another woman. The group detained the self-described professor until police came. LaRosa says the woman bit her chest, causing an open wound.”

Taking to her Twitter account, LaRosa fired back at some of the criticism she has been receiving for the incident, as one fan called her “despicable.”

“Really? I’m “despicable” because I broke up a fight instead of letting it go &filming it for World Star? I’m despicable because I kept someone safe from brawling out into traffic that was zooming by? I’m despicable because I kept someone from possibly being seriously hurt? GFY”

LaRosa also fired back at the violent left-wing group Antifa on Twitter, who called her a “violent white nationalist.”

“So, let me get this straight… I break up a fight, saving one of their people from taking serious damage… And Antifa tries to deplatform me from yet another site? Awesome”

As for LaRosa’s MMA credentials, she sports a record of 22-5. She hasn’t fought since May of 2015 when she defeated Katie Howard via unanimous decision under the FFL banner.

What do you make of LaRosa taking the anti-Trump protester down?


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