Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has been on quite the tear since making the jump up to 170 pounds since being a longtime top contender in the UFC’s talent-stacked lightweight division.

The dynamic fan-favorite Cerrone is loved and adored my many mixed martial arts (MMA) fans around the world, but no such love is held for the former 155-pound title-challenger by his opponent this Saturday (December 10, 2016) Matt ‘Immortal’ Brown. Brown recently spoke to MMA Fighting to discuss his upcoming bout with Cerrone, stating that he doesn’t like the way ‘Cowboy’ carries himself:

“I didn’t see him yesterday, but I will give him the cold shoulder,” Brown said at the media scrum. ” I mean, I’ve talked to him before, but that doesn’t make him a friend. So, I don’t care for him, I don’t care for his personality. Even when I talked to him I didn’t want to talk to him, I was just being cordial. I don’t have any good feelings towards him at all. I don’t like the way he acts, I don’t like the way he carries himself, and I don’t like the way he represents the sport.”

Brown believes Cerrone’s ‘alpha male’ personality stems from those around him hyping him up and singing his praises, giving Cerrone a false sense of confidence that he plans to expose come fight night:

“No it’s just his personality, you can see the way he talks,” he said. “He wants to be an alpha male and he really wants to portray himself as something special. And I think it’s all these yes men he’s got around him, I think he’s just being lied to by them telling him, ‘Donald you’re the champion man, you’re so good, you’re so great, you’re going to be this and that.’ Really he’s just being lied to. It’s my job to come in there and expose that truth out of him.”

matt_brownWhile Brown is usually very cordial and respectful to those who he shares the Octagon with, this time he plans on going into his fight with the ‘bully’ Cerrone with an intent on knocking him off of his foundation that he believes is made off lies:

“Most of my opponents I’m really respectful to, and I think they’re respectful to me, but I take…I don’t know if he means it or not, I don’t know maybe he’s just a douche bag of a person, but I get that feeling when he’s talking to other people, especially other fighters, he feels like he’s above other people,” he said. “And he’s kind of bully, you know what I mean? You watch his fights where he lost where he got bullied back, and he didn’t like that. That’s what I got to do to him.

“I just think his whole thing is based on lies. A lot of people fall into that, but I ain’t falling into it.”

Cerrone and Brown will meet in the co-main event of UFC 206 live on pay-per-view (PPV), from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Saturday (December 10, 2016).