Kimbo Slice to Make a Lot of Money as a Mediocre Boxer

(Video courtesy YouTube/FightHubTV) 

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but most of the people involved with mixed martial arts who I can’t stand are either named Gary or Shaw. There’s the obvious Gary Shaw, his son Jared “$kala” Shaw and then there’s Jerry Millen, who changed his name from his given name of Gary because he thought Jer or Jerdog sounded cooler. Seriously.

Anyway, the blobfather of EliteXC and boxing who tried to have his way with Gina Carano on national TV is back talking about how he hasn’t decided if he’s going to screw up start another MMA promotion or whether he’ll just take some fighters with him to compete on one of his boxing cards.

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Kimbo Slice is one fighter he revealed in a round about way without actually saying it that he will be promoting, which is interesting considering K-Ferg has found it nearly impossible to make it through three rounds of MMA without needing oxygen. I can’t see him going ten rounds of boxing without needing to be carried out on a stretcher.

Since MMA won’t have him, Kimbo’s gotta get his bread somewhere I guess, even if it’s just crumbs left over from Shaw’s hoagie.