Kenan Song Outpoints Derrick Krantz – UFC Shenzhen Results

Kenan Song
Mandatory Credit: Paul Miller-USA TODAY Sports
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Kicking us off on the UFC Shenzhen main card is a welterweight bout between Kenan Song and Derrick Krantz.

Round 1:

Leg kick lands for Krantz. The right hand is connecting nicely for Krantz, but Song isn’t backing down as he begins to walk forward. Neither man really connecting on too much. Nice kicks to the body land for Song but Krantz presses forward with his right hand, only connecting on glove. Krantz puts together a big combination, connecting on several big shots in the pocket. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Krants gets the fight to the ground and is right tinto side control, but Song has the neck locked up. Song recovers for half guard and bucks Krantz off to take his back. Krantz bucks Song off and now has Song against the cage looking for the takedown.

Krantz gets the takedown and is pressuring Song against the Octagon, and is now looking for the guillotine. He has a standing guillotine now. Song is able to escape it. Song drags Krantz down for a moment but Krantz gets the takedown again and is on top of Song. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Both men coming out aggressive, and Song has Krantz pressed up against the cage. Krantz goes in on teh takedown and gets it. Right into half guard for Krantz. Song is able to power back up to his feet and we’re striking again. A nice uppercut and pair of hooks connect for Krantz.

A big pair of punches land for Song and Krantz is rocked. A flying knee in the clinch lands for Song and Krantz goes in on another takedown. Song trying to defend with a kimura but Krantz ends up getting Song’s back to the mat in half guard. Krantz had full mount but Song scrambled nicely, but now Krantz is in side control. Krantz loses position and Song ends up on top and walks away.

Both men are exhausted. Both men’s hands are down and they’re just standing there, breathing. Song goes for a jump knee and is landing some nice shots now. Both men are so gassed, there’s no real power behind any of their shots. The fight comes to an end. Both men were done.

Official Result: Kenan Song def. Derrick Krantz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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