Jon Jones Wants To ‘Slap’ Israel Adesanya, Pokes Fun At Joe Rogan Interview

Jon Jones
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The beef between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and middleweight champion Israel Adesanya continues to slowly build.

The two champions have made it clear that they do not like one another, and with “Stylebender’s” prediction of a 2021 showdown inside Raiders stadium, we could very well be in for a slow build to what will eventually be a massive superfight between the two champions.

Jones recently took a shot at a clip from an interview Adesanya did this week, mocking the 185-pound champ for drawing energy from one of his favorite anime shows. Jones commented, “Man I can’t wait to “eventually” slap this dude, 30 years old claiming to draw energy his favorite cartoon. 2021 please hurry up and get here.”

Jones also took some shots at Adesanya’s recent interview with Joe Rogan on his podcast. Throughout the podcast, Adesanya made several jokes in reference to Jones’ out-of-competition issues. Jones responded by Tweeting the following (which has since been deleted).

“Saw a video on Worldstar just now and was like wft? It was literally like Joe was talking to himself, the kid has no depth”.

Jones followed up with this:

Never seen a person carry a conversation by themselves like that before, impressive Joe Rogan.”

Do you think Jones and Adesanya will eventually fight each other?


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