Jon Fitch Willing To Sue Zuffa Again If They Don’t Change Their Ways

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Former UFC welterweight Jon Fitch is not only fighting in the cage, but he’s also fighting in the courtroom. Fitch is currently a World Series of Fighting fighter, but he’s in the middle of a legal battle with UFC’s parent company Zuffa. This class action lawsuit is reaching ten months now, but Fitch is still determined to win the case.

“We want to put pressure on them to make them change, because if they don’t, in four years, there will just be another suit filed,” Fitch (26-7-1), who next fights Yushin Okami (30-9) at WSOF 24, told MMAjunkie. “This will be an ongoing thing forever and ever.”

According to Fitch, he believes that Zuffa is a monopoly, and if documents are released to the public then he’s feeling will become true and everyone will know the truth about the company.

Also, Fitch and other fighters in the case feel that the UFC engages in practices that are anti-competitive and discourage competition. Of course, Zuffa feels different and denies any wrongdoing and said it operates in a lawful manner.

Fitch fully expects that public side of the fight promoter’s business to be contradicted by the information contained in the records.

“I think there would be quite a large gap in what they’re saying that they’re paying people and what they’re actually making, and just the things that they do that we kind of know of with how they treat fighters and the type of pressure they put on people that I don’t really think is legal.”

“Ultimately, the end game here is to open up the market,” he added. “We want them to open up their contracts, and we want other entities that have big money to come in and put on big shows because they can afford it. Back when Mark Cuban was trying to get into the sport, and he wanted to do Randy Couture and Fedor (Emelianenko), well, that would have been a huge card and made a lot money. But because of the way contracts are, it didn’t happen.”

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