BJJ star Gordon Ryan blames Joe Biden after thieves take off with his prized truck in late-night larceny

Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan is asking for your help.

The BJJ king took to social media on Thursday, revealing that his truck was stolen in the middle of the night. According to Ryan, the culprits ransacked multiple vehicles in the immediate area and made off with a variety of guns as well as knives and a heap of ammunition he had stored in his ride.

A frustrated Ryan then offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who could direct him to the truck or provide a tip leading to the recovery of his property.

He also managed to somehow place the blame on U.S. President Joe Biden, but that’s an entirely different issue to unwrap.

“Here in Joe Biden’s America, someone just stole my f*cking [RAM] TRX out of the driveway last night at 3:30 a.m.,” Ryan told his Instagram followers. “They also stole a bunch of stuff from other people’s cars — guns and stuff like that. I had a couple of John’s knives in there, probably a thousand rounds of ammunition.

“I’ll be offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who can point me to this truck. If you can get me this truck back, I will send you $5,000. If you actually give me a piece of information that allows me to get this truck back, I’ll send you $5,000.”

Fun fact — the world’s very first car theft was committed by Bertha Benz all the way back in 1888. A whole 131 years before Biden was sworn into office.

The more you know.