Further analysis of Cro Cop vs. Barry

Admittedly, Cro Cop is my favorite fighter and that is why I feel compelled to lend my opinion on the fight.

Everyone is jumping on Barry because he didn’t leap onto a still game Cro Cop while he was on the ground for .5 seconds. First of all, Barry has always been shy to jump onto someone on the ground – watch Barry vs. Hardonk. He hasn’t established a keen enough ground game to be confident doing so. He played it smart – he was handily winning the stand-up game so why rush into more dangerous territory? If you still don’t understand go ask GSP about keeping the fight where you have the advantage. Cro Cop wasn’t hurt so badly that his ground game was no longer a threat, so Barry played it smart by letting him up and hoping to do do more of the same brutal stand-up.

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In addition, Barry broke his finger and his foot so it wasn’t like he wasn’t throwing at Cro Cop. For people that say Barry let up on him because Cro Cop is his hero, I think I’ve already shown that isn’t the case. Cro Cop however, did let up when Barry’s finger was stuck in the cage. Cro Cop gave him time to get his finger out then continued after that (while the referee had no idea this was going on). He said in the post-fight that he wouldn’t have done that for anyone else.

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The most anyone can complain about is that they both respected each other very much, and didn’t see each other as punching bags to be shredded, but instead as friends in competition. If you feel the need to complain further, blame Barry’s lack of well-roundedness and cardio. He may also have been somewhat star-struck, which everyone with half a brain-stem expected to see.