Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir is considering legal action against the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Mir has been on record about his displeasure with the way the anti-doping agency has handled his own situation, along with that of Jon Jones. Mir, like Jones, tested positive for turinabol, however, unlike “Bones,” Mir’s situation was not deemed a “pulsing” effect:

“In the spring of 2016, when USADA representatives sat in my Las Vegas kitchen and told me that the turinabol metabolite that they said I tested positive for could only have been ingested within a window of the past several months, I vehemently proclaimed my innocence,” Mir said.

“Having never failed any drug test throughout my career, I asked if we could go back further in the past to test any supplements that I could’ve taken, but they claimed that was both impossible and unnecessary.”

Legal Action & UFC Conduct

Speaking to, Mir revealed that he is considering taking legal action against USADA for the way they handled things. The entire situation eventually led to Mir requesting, and being granted, his release from the UFC. He’s now under contract with Bellator MMA:

“[I want to take action against] USADA for giving the instructions on what’s going on, and not really utilizing the test. I mean they are the scientists, they should know better what they are using, and know that a lot of the other tests that they are having, have been groomed… and have been thoroughly studied, understood, evaluated.

“But the UFC too. I have issues with them. They do things that are… you know… they use information but… for example they do dirty things like… You have an athlete under the contract, not allowed to work anywhere else. He’s suspended?

“Yeah. But he could get the ball rolling or maybe start looking for work in other areas, but no! You keep him under contract and then at the end of his suspension he gets a release letter and now he knows, yeah? So I’m not really happy about their conduct either.”