Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Scorecard & Punch Statistics

floyd mayweather vs. manny pacquiao scorecard

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao failed to deliver in the eyes of most combat sports fans, especially given it’s hopeful billing as ‘fight of the century”. In retrospect, the bout that boxing fans and purists have waited years for wouldn’t even make the top 10 fights of the year list.

With both fighters clearly past their fighting prime, Pacquiao perhaps more so, “Money” was able to stall and dance long enough over the 12 rounds, and land significantly more punches than “Pacman”. The end result was a stale and disappointing bout that left us all wanting more.

So what do you think of the judge’s scorecards? Check them out below:

So 116-112 on two scorecards, and a more lopsided 118-110 all in favour of Mayweather. The punch stats also echo the judge’s impression of the bout:

So all in all, boxing’s best offer to the world of combat sports for some time was a crapper. I can’t personally say that I wasn’t expecting it to go down that way. With mixed martial arts (MMA) seeming to have hit a certain plateau, is combat sports as a whole dying?

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One thing is for sure, the fights like Hagler vs. Hearns, Ali vs. Frazier and Sugar Ray Robinson vs just about anyone are gone. That kind of boxer doesn’t exist anymore, it’s big business, but there aren’t many of us still buying in to it.