Fabricio Werdum Grants Cain Velasquez Immediate Rematch

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Newly crowned UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum is probably still partying after his landmark win at UFC 188. ‘Vai Cavalo’ upset the oddsmakers and defeated Cain Velasquez with a third round submission. ‘CV’ was lost after the first round, gassing badly and getting choked until he tapped by the heavy underdog. Not how Velasquez wanted to perform in his home nation of Mexico, but it could’ve been worse.

True to his word, Fabricio Werdum grants Cain Velasquez an immediate rematch just moments after his slick win over the formerly dominant boss. Check out what he tells UFC On FOX about letting the ex-champ have another crack at the belt:

‘I believe in myself, I knew he would go for a double leg and I had my strategy, I planned for that. He just came in to train in altitude for 2 weeks before, and it wasn’t enough. I was just waiting for the finish when I saw he was tired. Yes (I am the greatest heavyweight of all time here), I need to rematch Cain Velasquez now, yes for sure.’

Fair play to the Brazilian heavyweight champion for staying true to his word, especially after battering and submitting Velasquez in such convincing fashion. Will the second fight be any different though? Indeed the lack of altitude training played in to the end result, but what about the cage rust and time out of the gym also?

If Velasquez stays healthy and motivated, what’s to say he can’t come back and steal the belt from Werdum in his first defense?


    • I say screw the rematch as well, at least the immediate one, Cain will come back and win again, that I have no doubt of simply because of the doubts I have about this fight and I believe they are fair and not being rude to Werdum who most certainly capitalized brilliantly.

    • Why would Dos Santos deserve a title shot right now? Both Stipe and Arlovski deserve a title shot wayyyyyyy more. JDS got trashed twice by Cain and then won a HIGHLY controversial DC over Stipe. Giving him a title shot now would be a travesty. Even worse than giving Gus a shot at Cormier. On top of that JDS performance against Stipe was terrible.

      JDS should face The Reem.
      Cain vs Stipe or rematch Werdum
      Arlovski vs Werdum or Stipe.

      • Worse than giving Gus a shot at Cormier? You joking? He has a KO win over Werdum and whether you like it or not he beat Stipe.

        • Well yeah.. maybe not worse lol… but the main difference is the HW division has options. There are more deserving challengers. Both Stipe and Arlovski made a better case for the title shot. On top of that JDS only fought once in 2 years while these guys been working their ass off.

      • “Both Stipe and Arlovski deserve a title shot wayyyyyyy more.”

        Who has Dos lost to other then Cain?

        Dos still has the better record then Stipe or AA and his finish over Verdum was more decisive then AA’s.

        I’d still consider him ahead in the pecking order then those 2.

        Those are all fights I’d like to see, but the only reason Dos isn’t champ was becasue of Cain.

        • JDS hasn’t done shit in the past few years but get beat up and look worse with every fight. I had Stipe beating him.. he lost that shit but got lucky. He looked like crap that fight. I havent seen anything from him that makes me even want to see him in a title fight and the win over Werdum was 7 years ago. Nobody gives a shit about a win 7 years ago. Wins past the 3 to 4 year mark are irrelevant. Werdum is 10x the fighter he was back then and JDS is half the fighter he was (if that). He should not get the title shot by default, when there are other contenders in line more deserving. He fought for the title twice in the past few years already and failed. Other fighters deserve a shot too. Fighters only have a small window of opportunity in their lifetime to get a shot at gold. How many chances does one get? He simply does not deserve it right now.

    • There is never really a need for a rematch when someone gets demolished. It really doesnt matter whether it was athleticism or gameplan cain was taken apart. There is nothing in question whatsoever about this win. Werdum is on a 9 fight streak and has improved every fight. His striking was better than Cain and he choked him out. End of story. He wasnt even a dominant champion.

      • Cain didnt get demolished… He ran out of gas. The way i see it, Cain lost the fight to altitude and not necessarily Werdum’s “talent”. To Werdum’s credit, that is Cain’s own fault. He was too stubborn to go out the mexico early, but it’s very evident that Cain was severely handicapped in the fight and we didn’t get to see who’s really the best and to say Cain was not a dominant champion is just beyond ridiculous. He ran through the HW division like a runaway train, only getting sidetracked once by the loss to JDS and we’ve seen twice after that, that JDS is not anywhere near Cain’s level. I don’t like rematches myself, but one is in order right now, to determine who’s really the baddest man on the planet. Werdum knows this and that’s why he wants to give Cain the immediate rematch. That makes me even respect him more.

        • You have an interesting point of view.
          Here is the thing he wasnt a dominant champion. He doesnt have consinstant title defenses. Just a fact.
          His gameplan is part of his game. He made a mistake just like in the heat of battle to not train properly. That is his fault. Not training properly is just as bad as having a lesser talent or athletic ability. He lost because of who he is as a fighter (which was arrogant in this instance). If he was a better fighter he would have been better prepared.

          He wasn not a dominant champ (silva, DJ, Rousey, jones, gsp, weidman) and thats just how it is.

          He also lost because of who he is as a fighter mentally

  1. Yeah,
    he wants to get that in while Cains still rusty.

    Let Werdum fight that guy who knocked his block off and sent him out of the UFC back in the day. Thats unfinished business.

    Let Cain earn a title shot like everyone should have to and see if he can stay uninjured and still wants to fight.


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