Dustin Poirier Says Win Over Khabib Nurmagomedov Makes Him Best Lightweight Of All-Time

Dustin Poirier
Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
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Dustin Poirier is in search of history at UFC 242.

In the main event, “The Diamond” is taking on a undefeated lightweight champion in Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian champion has only lost one round in his entire MMA career. So, if Poirier gets his hand raised, he knows just what it would do for his legacy.

“It’s huge. It’s history,” Poirier said to MMA Fighting. “When I go out there and beat Khabib, it’s not a question of am I the best UFC lightweight? It’s a question of am I the best lightweight to ever fight in mixed martial arts with the run I’m on.

Max Holloway, Anthony Pettis, Eddie Alvarez, Khabib Nurmagomedov, winning over those guys in a row in main events, over and over, that’s the best run in lightweight history.”

What would make things even better for Poirier is if he can finish Khabib. Which, “The Diamond” and his team say will happen.

“If I go out there and stop Khabib, I’m the best lightweight fighter to ever strap on a pair of four-ounce gloves. Simple and plain,” Poirier said. “I’m not wrong in saying it.”

Regardless of legacy, Poirier is just focused on the fight and looking to get his hand raised. He is more than confident in his skills and says this will be the start of the reign of him as champion.

“This is going to start the reign,” Poirier said. “This is the fight that gives me the undisputed title. But on the other side, this is the fight where I etch my name into the history books forever. Because of this win, I’m going to forever be a part of the best of the best of mixed martial arts.

“But I’m 30-years-old and I still feel like my best fights are ahead of me. I’m starting to hit my stride. This is the beginning of “The Diamond” reign.”

Do you agree with Poirier that a win over Khabib makes him the best lightweight of all-time?

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