Darren Stewart Gets Split Decision Win Over Deron Winn – UFC Boston Results

Winn Stewart
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Opening up the UFC Boston main card is a middleweight bout between Deron Winn and Darren Stewart.

Round 1: Stewart starts the fight off with some jabs before Winn attempts the takedown. Stewart lands some elbows and stuffs it but Winn eventually gets him down with another attempt. Winn lands a couple of knees while having a hold of Stewart’s back before they separate. Winn attempts another takedown soon after and lands it. Stewart gets to his feet and lands some strikes before conceding a huge takedown. Stewart continues to land elbows from the bottom which eventually cut open Winn as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Stewart starts off the round with jabs again as Winn misses a wild overhand right. The fight halts after an accidental groin strike on Winn. The fight resumes and Winn attempts another takedown and lands it. Stewart gets up and they separate. Stewart starts to land more strikes. Winn attempts a takedown but it’s stuffed. After a few moments on the feet, Winn attempts another takedown and despite some good takedown defense, he is eventually taken down. He gets up again and lands some knees. The round ends with Stewart landing some big strikes.

Round 3: The fight remains standing with both fighters landing a lot more strikes. Stewart starts to have more success as Winn looks gassed. Winn goes forward and is taken down by Stewart. Winn reverses and is now on top as he lands more strikes. Stewart gets up but is taken down again by Winn. They separate and they start to stand and bang for the remainder of the final stanza.

Official result: Darren Stewart defeats Deron Winn via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

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