Corey Anderson made a statement at UFC 244 on Saturday night — and his emotions got the best of him afterward.

Anderson faced Johnny Walker as a big underdog going into their light heavyweight contest. However, he would upset the odds by defeating the Brazilian prospect in a first-round TKO victory.

He would verbally unload on Walker after the finish and later apologized for his actions citing that he was emotional because of the buildup to the fight. “Overtime” felt that he was being set up to lose by the UFC and had expressed frustration that he wasn’t given a title shot because he didn’t move the needle.

To that, White responded in the post-fight press conference:

“So he came in here very angry this week,” White said (via MMA Fighting). “All these conspiracy theories, we hate him, we this, that and everything else, all this crybaby bullsh*t. We’re trying to get him beat. We can’t get you beat. You can either win or you can’t. We like Walker better or whatever the stuff he was saying.

“No, some guys move faster than others, you’re telling us what you deserve. Show us what you deserve. Tonight you showed us. Got it. Message received. Now we know.”

White also pointed to how Walker received a bigger ovation than Anderson during the Friday weigh-ins:

“You guys were there, were you not at the weigh-ins? Not one person clapped for him at the weigh-ins,” White added. “Walker got a pretty big pop when he came out. I’ll bet people will notice him next time, won’t they?

“You came out and you showed everybody. You did something. Now we’ll move on.”

Anderson Title Shot?

Following the fight, Anderson demanded a shot at Jon Jones. He also told the UFC to release him from his contract if they weren’t willing to give him one.

White wouldn’t guarantee one yet, but advised Anderson to go along with what the UFC offers him:

“I’m not saying you’re getting a title shot next or whatever,” White explained. “[Dominick] Reyes won, too, impressively. We’ll figure out what’s next for you and when your contract is up, if you still don’t want to be here, you can do whatever you want to do. In the mean time, take the fights that we offer you. Pretty simple.

“We’re not trying to get you beat. We’re not trying to get anybody beat. If you think you deserve a shot at the title, how am I going to get you beat with the No. 11 or 14th-ranked guy in the world or whatever he was tonight, if you deserve a title shot?”

Do you agree with White?