Conor McGregor: UFC 178 Bout With “Diamond” Not A Step Up

ufc 179 conor mcgregor
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Conor Mcgregor UFC featherweight and trash talking expert

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor will look to continue his impressive promotional spree, as he readies himself for top 10 staple Dustin Poirier at UFC 178. The feisty Irish combatant has never been shy in the media, to say the least, and has taken every opportunity to slander “Diamond” since joining the UFC.

A win over Poirier could mean big things for “The Notorious”, as he currently rides a three-fight promotional streak and is unbeaten in 11 overall. Speaking with, McGregor discussed his upcoming September 27th date with “Diamond”:

I don’t believe he’s a step up or the best guy I’ve ever fought, I look in the mirror and that’s the best guy I’ve ever fought. For me, this fight seems easy. He’s a journeyman fighter, and that’s what I see,” McGregor said. “He doesn’t impress me at all. I believe he’s a basic fighter, he throws basic shots, and in my eyes he’s a journeyman. It’s that simple.”

Conor McGregor’s legendary trash talk never ceases to keep me entertained, but you can’t help thinking it serves more than just a singular purpose. “The Notorious” is one of the few athletes that not only buoys himself with his self confidence, but can really get to his opponents; after all, Cole Miller surely couldn’t have fought with a poorly thumb, right? He continues:

I definitely saw a broken man,” McGregor said of Poirier. “I could look through his soul when I looked into that man’s eyes. He’s been speaking his bit, but as I said before: Face-to-face, man-to-man, he was broken. It was as simple as that. The performance will prove that because once the cage door closes and the lights go down, you can’t hide. There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide. It will come out on Sept. 27 that what I’m saying is true.”

I don’t dislike anybody – this is business at the end of the day,” McGregor said. “It can be cruel, it can beruthless, but it is never personal. I don’t ever fight with emotion. I can enter cold, calm and collected. That is it. He might have a dislike toward me, but ultimately that is not my problem. I believe it’s a first-round stoppage, I’m only scratching the surface here and I feel like I’m at that next level again – executing that flawless performance.”

There you have it. So will Dustin Poirier be next on Conor McGregor’s growing list of names, or will the “Diamond” shine through at this Saturday’s UFC 178? Once again though, there is pressure on “The Notorious”, as he fights on his first PPV slot on the main card….