Colby Covington Takes Another Shot At UFC President Dana White

Colby Covington
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It’s no secret that Colby Covington and UFC president Dana White are at odds with one another. Covington and White’s relationship seemed to fall apart over the course of the past year. In that time, Covington has struggled to get a 170-pound title opportunity, blaming White for “slave” negotiation tactics.

Now, a fight is booked for UFC 245, where Covington will headline on pay-per-view (PPV) and challenge Kamru Usman for the undisputed welterweight strap. In the lead up to that fight, Covington took his issues with White to a whole other level. Speaking in a recent interview, Covington suggested, should he emerge victorious in Las Vegas this December, he doesn’t want the UFC boss to attempt to wrap the title around his waist.

If he does, he’s going to grab the title and smack White in the face with it.

“I can tell you who’s not wrapping it around my waist, and that will not be Dana White. If he tries to wrap it around my waist, I’m gonna take the belt from him and slap him in the face with it.”

That didn’t sit well with White, who was asked about Covington’s comments at the UFC Boston post-fight press conference this weekend. White was fuming when he gave the media in attendance his reaction to “Chaos'” threat.

“Good luck with that,” White said. “Good luck with that. He’s a big-mouthed f*cking idiot.”

It appears Covington isn’t done, taking to Twitter to take yet another shot at his employer with a humorous meme.

What do you think about Covington continuously taking shots at his boss?