Brendan Schaub claims Drake’s betting posts are fake: “It’s like he’s paid to do this”

Brendan Schaub, Drake
Mandatory Credit: Brendan Schaub, Mike Marsland / WireImage

It was a rough weekend for singer and songwriter Drake. The Toronto native lost nearly half-a-million dollars in bets during UFC 278. Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub is convinced that the rapper’s betting posts on social media are staged.

The 39-year-old believes the musician is being paid to post his wagers on social media to promote Stake, a sports-betting platform.

Brendan Schaub Says It’s All A Hoax

“Here’s Drake pretending he knows MMA. Oh weird, it’s like he’s paid to do this. It’s all promotion. That’s the way it works kids,” Schaub said. “They go ‘Hey Drake…here’s $15 million. Pretend you’re betting. Also, we’ll do the bets for you because we know you don’t know s–t about the UFC.”

The 4-time Grammy awards winner announced his official partnership with Stake in March. The goal was to create a new experience for users, which include money giveaways and live interactive events.

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“Drake has been an active member of our global community for a few months now, so the next step and natural evolution in the relationship was for us to collaborate on a stream,” co-founder Ed Craven told SBC Americas in March. “We share the same love for crypto, gambling and community and are like-minded fans of the technology and culture at the forefront of this movement.”

Drake Lost Twice At UFC 278

UFC 278 was not too kind to the Canadian star. He wagered $200,000 on Kamaru Usman and $239,000 on José Aldo, who both lost. 

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The musician has had a busy year in sports betting. The 35-year-old placed a successful $1 million bet on Israel Adesanya. He made another $1 million after wagering $200,000 on the Golden State Warriors, who won their fourth NBA Title in eight years. He also won $3.7 million on UFC stars Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann in July. 

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He regularly shares his wagers and potential payoffs to his 120 million social media followers. Even though it may not be true, Brendan Schaub is certain that it’s all a hoax in favor of Stake.

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