Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice:

Mike Drahota:

This thrown-together main event featuring stars from yesteryear has even more carnival sideshow appeal than Bellator’s previous Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar showdown, and I fully believe it will bring in the ratings and viewers that the promotion is hoping for. As for the actual fight, it’s clear to see that the professional boxer Slice has the massive advantage in the striking department over the 51-year-old Shamrock, while ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ has the decided ego on the ground. That’s why I believe that, unless he gets caught during a takedown attempt, Shamrock should be able to get this fight to the ground and lock on one of his patented heel hooks or leg locks, for which Slice most likely has no technical defense whatsoever. Shamrock via first round submission.

Rory Kernaghan:

Kimbo Slice may well have a massive age and striking advantage, but Ken Shamrock has years of MMA experience on his side. His ripped physique may indicate that the former UFC and Pancrase boss is training seriously hard, among other things, and if he is on point this Friday I don’t see any reason he can’t beat the brawler. Slice will obviously want to keep this fight standing, and I’m in no doubt that he would absolutely ruin Shamrock with punches, but I don’t see it happening. Look for ‘The Worlds’ Most Dangerous Man’ to drag this fight to the mat straight away, thus negating the only advantage that the street fighter has. First round submission win for Shamrock by Kimura.

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Mike Henken:

For me, this is an extremely hard bout to predict, as we really don’t know what each man will look like, being that neither man has competed since 2010. Ken Shamrock is a pioneer of MMA, with a decorated back round of brutal ground and pound and lethal submissions. Kimbo Slice on the other hand, is known for his striking, not necessarily his technique but his pure power created on the streets of Miami. If the fight goes to the ground, Id give the advantage to Shamrock, but it’s hard to tell how the 51-year old will look and if he can get the massive Slice down. I think Shamrock is more well rounded, but I don’t think he’ll be able to eat too many big shots. Slice by second round TKO.

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Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Weichel:

Mike Drahota:

With a 23-2 record coming into Bellator 138, featherweight champ ‘Pitbull’ Freire is definitely flying under the radar (as he’s complained about) for this card. He’s got a dominant stand-up coupled with a strong submission arsenal, as he’s knocked out nine foes and tapped out eight. The champ should be looking to use his striking here, however, as Bellator Season 10 Featherweight Tourney winner Weichel has tapped out an alarming 21 foes throughout his 35-win career. The champ may be able to hang with Weichel on the ground, but there’s not much sense in finding out when he can almost assuredly command the fight on the feet. Look for ‘Pitbull’ to dominate Weichel, who’s been knocked out four times before, with a mix of effective leg kicks and punches, softening him up for the kill in the mid rounds. Freire by third round TKO is my pick.

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Rory Kernaghan:

The real main event for the evening, although they’ve been bumped to the second fiddle spot, features two dynamic featherweight stars. Patricio Freire doesn’t get enough dues for his level of talent, and he would likely be a title contender in any organization with his brutal style. Daniel Weichel is highly experienced and brings a tight grappling game to the fight, but I don’t think he has what it takes to upset the Brazilian 145-pound champion. I expect ‘Pitbull’ to make a statement in this bout, with his acrobatic knees and heavy Muay Thai assault, Freire by TKO in round two.

Mike Henken

Dominant Bellator featherweight champion Patricio ‘Pitbull’ Freire returns to action against Daniel Weichel, and I expect the champ to take this one. ‘Pitbull’ should look to use his pressure and devastating leg kicks to batter Weichel. The challenger, who has 21 submission wins to his name, could be successful if the fight ends up the mat, but I see Freire’s pressure to nullify Weichel’s takedowns. ‘Pitbull’ by unanimous decision here.