After UFC 214 Loss, Donald Cerrone ‘Rallying’ For Fight At UFC 216

Gary A. Vasquez for USA TODAY Sports
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At this past weekend’s (July 29, 2017) UFC 214 from Anaheim, California, Donald Cerrone took on former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler in a fight that turned out to be an entertaining three-round slugfest. Cerrone, however, came up short, suffering a decision loss.

The former lightweight title challenger had also reportedly suffered an eye injury during the fight, which could’ve potentially put him on the sidelines for the foreseeable future. It appears as if he has already gotten that issue taken care of, however, and Cerrone recently said that he’s ‘rallying’ for a fight at October’s UFC 216:

“I got my eye cleared up. I had a six-month (medical) suspension, so that’s another reason why I’m here,” Cerrone told MMAjunkie while in Las Vegas. “I went and took my eye – I got it cleared, and I’m good to go – 20/5 vision. You’d think I could see the punches coming.”

“I was just at the office rallying for Oct. 7 (UFC 216),” he added. “So we’ll see. I didn’t get knocked out this time, so I was like, ‘I’m OK.’

Given how active he is, it isn’t surprising to see Cerrone looking for a quick turnaround, but he also said that he’s expecting the UFC to book him for UFC 217, which will take place at Madison Square Garden in November:

“I think they’re going to hold me off and put me on Madison Square Garden (UFC 217, set for Nov. 4)” Cerrone said. “I have a silly hunch. But who cares? I like to fight. So bring that (expletive) on.”

In regards to his fight against the “Ruthless” one, many had wished it was five rounds in the aftermath of UFC 214, and Cerrone agrees:

“I wish we had two more rounds, man,” Cerrone said. “God, I had a good time. I really did. I knew that fight was going to be that exact thing: meeting in the middle and (expletive) just fighting. The judges – whatever. I don’t have any control over that. I can’t say ‘(Expletive) them,’” he added.

“I guess I should have fought harder, right? They always say, ‘Don’t leave it to the judges.’ So that’s that. Like I said, I wish I had two more rounds. But I legitimately have a sickness, and that was fun to me. Like fun, fun.”

Who would you like to see Cerrone fight next?

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