Womens division gains some depth, UFC signs Sara McMann and Alexis Davis


As fans many of you may have been wondering just how the UFC was expecting to maintain a womens division at 135lbs with a roster consisting of only a few fighters. Well it seems like the issue is becoming less and less significant.

With Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche and now Meisha Tate vs Cat Zingano all set to take place, the UFC also officially confirmed the signings of two more highly-skilled, female Bantamweight contenders in Sara McMann and Alexis Davis.

McMann is a 2004 Olympic Freestyle wrestling silver medalist who is currently undefeated in her MMA career with a record of 6-0. With 5 victories in her last 6 bouts, Alexis Davis happens to be the 2nd Canadian female fighting under the Zuffa banner next to Sarah Kaufman, but is the very first to be signed to the UFC.

With the division now expanded to 6 legitimately skilled fighters, things are certainly looking up for the womens Bantamweight division and you can count Ronda Rousey in as being interested in what the future holds. According to MMA Fighting Rousey had the following to say regarding the upcoming Tate vs Zingano matchup scheduled for the TUF 17 Finale:

“I think that’s an interesting matchup. I’ve had my eyes on Cat for a while, I think she’s one of the only other undefeated 135ers at the moment. I’m very interested in seeing how the fight goes. I’m going to be there at the fight myself, and I’d love to take on the winner.”

  • Sounds good to me, I for one hope the women find a proper home at the UFC.

    • Damn Right

    • Sara Mcman taught wrestling a few times at the MMA gym I went to a couple years ago. I never had the pleasure of rolling with her, but she has the most amazing ass I've ever seen in my life.

  • I've always been a fan of Alexis.

  • Oh sorry I was too busy watching women's hockey, basketball, curling and golf no time for women's MMA sorry UFC.

  • Looks like the UFC is now pot committed to the woman's division.

  • I can hear it now…Bruce Buffer "At this corner weighing in at…" Sara McMann"They don't need to know that!!!" LOL

    (Thanks Marge Simpson)

  • Its going to take some spectacular fights and finishes for the womens MMA to get some momentum in the UFC and bury the critics.

    The crowd at any UFC live event are pretty critical if they don't see constant action. Sometimes the women throw down harder than some of the guys.

  • If you truly love Mixed Martial Arts how can you not love watching some of these women fight man?!….some of them really do throw down hard….and there's always a lot of action both standing and on the ground….obviously you won't see as many KO's but that just means they have to use a lot more technical stuff….I think it's awesome….you can't tell me what Ronda has done isn't amazing?!….winning EVERY fight by armbar……they know it's coming and they can't do jack to stop it!……that's 'flawless' technique right there!….I don't see the issue here really….I think the majority of MMA fans enjoy WMMA and are behind it…

  • A good step in the right direction.

    Now, if he'd only do the same thing for 145.