UFC 159 Aftermath: Daniel Cormier Wants To Fight Roy Nelson


TUF 10 winner Roy Nelson looked great in his fight with Cheick Kongo at UFC 159. He treated fans around the world, and in Newark, to a first round knockout with his patented right hand. In the post fighter interview with Joe Rogan, Nelson said he wanted a shot at the title or the winners of UFC 160’s main event.

It would seem that a fight with Strikeforce GP champ Daniel Cormier may be on the cards next though, check out this tweet DC posted earlier today:

With Nelson’s impressive win against the long time gatekeeper, Kongo, he has surely turned some heads in the MMA world. So much so that he may soon be eying a match up against one of the best heavyweights around. You could argue that the winner of that fight would be within touching distance of a title shot. Things are certainly changing in the UFC heavyweight division.

With Dos Santos facing Hunt and a possible match up between DC and Big Country and Cain Velasquez facing Antonio Silva, the title picture may just look a whole lot different by the end of 2013. Stay tuned to Lowkick for more news as it comes in.


  • Well and I think Roy Nelson should fight the loser of Velasquez vs Bigfoot.

    • Roy needs to fight someone top 10 before getting anywhere near someone coming out a title fight.

      • Your top 10 list out of curiousity?

        • *curiosity

        • Cain

          Nelson has happened to fight 3 names in there and was completely dominated in all 3 fights

    • both of the fighters are overweight, but whoever has more fats in thier *** is gonna be the winner of this fight.

  • I don't mind this match up but I think Roy would be perfectly matched up against Travis Browne.

    Both guys similarly ranked, both coming off good name win and both just fought recently with literally no offense being taken their way… should be able to see them fight soon if they are matched.

  • Great fight for Big country. Big country has some great jujitsu, power in his hands and iron chin. wouldn't be surprised if Roy catches him with a H bomb.

    Be interesting to see Cormier's gameplan. I wonder whether he would try and wrestle nelson and try to gas him or stand and bang ????

    Last fight against Mir, Cormier sh–it himself and was too scared to take it to the ground. Frank got in his head with his jujitsu threats.

    • @ Enjoy

      I can't believe Mir didn't jump guard on Cormier. Unbelievable IMO. I'll say thins though, he looked good and didn't welt. He also didn't get KO'd. I think he could have won the fight with a better game-plan. All in All, I saw it as a bit of a moral victory for Mir.

      Also, I wonder how it might have gone had it been 5 rounds? And on the point, why are co-mains not 5 rounds. I am so sick of this 3 round crap. Between that fight and Condit / Hendricks, as examples, we the fans, are being ripped off. Fights of that caliber, with those type of quality fighters, in long awaited for matches should be 5 rounds. Period. I don't see what the problem is and I thought, that was the promise from Dana. Mains and Cos, 5 rounds.

      Regarding the Nelson fight. I think this is a bad match for Cormier. As you noted, Roy is no joke. As DC is apt to apply the same game-plan that he used on Mir, he has a problem. If you're going to keep it on the feet with Roy, you really need to try and out-box him, as JDS did. Cormier is a Tyson-esque fighter. More brawler than boxer. If Roy gets on his bike and boxes DC he could win, possibly even by KO. Up against the fence, he'd be wise to do what Mir was to stupid to do, jump guard.

      And on that note, I don't know why more fighters, particularly great ground fighters, don't do it and it should count on the scoring, with the same weight as a take-down.

      Question – what are you thoughts on Sonnen's future? The act is old. The record crappy. The talk never backed up.

    • Nelson has more of a positional BJJ game and only really threatens with submissions from the top, there isn't much for Cormier to worry about if he takes him down.
      Mir's BJJ game is completely different to Nelson's.

      • Of late and sadly, we haven't seen much of Mir's BJJ. Either way, I like Nelson in this fight.

  • I'm not entirely sure Mr. Cormier knows at all what he wants. He's been all over the place.

  • Some of Mirs Punch's looked so slow. I couldn't believe it.