Social Media Trolls Conor McGregor’s Night Out With British Singer

Photo: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

UFC lightweight Conor McGregor continues to make headlines for seemingly everything but actually defending his titles.

Last night, the MMA superstar appeared at the British Fashion Awards with British singer Rita Ora, who tweeted that she was on a ‘date night’ with ‘The Notorious,’ who obviously has a longtime girlfriend and newborn son at home.

Check out the singer’s sultry get-up alongside a slick purple suit from McGregor, who’s been known to have arguably the keenest fashion sense in MMA:

It may not be the best look for the Irish knockout specialist, yet appearing at a fashion awards show is still a far cry from his alleged bar fight with Irish mob members in Dublin after he set the fight community ablaze by jumping into the cage at Bellator 187 to shove referee Marc Goddard and smack a security staff member.

Not surprisingly, Twitter took to taking McGregor to task for his ‘date’ with the famous songstress, blasting him with a variety of accusatory tweets.

Check them out via MMA Mania:

  • Shock Wave

    It took *This* long for certain fans to lose respect for Conor? πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

    We have seen the scratches of the tip of this iceberg….

  • All_Seeing_Eye

    Come see me Dee Devlin. I’ll treat you right. You need a good American man.

  • madshot720

    McGregor is just doing this for publicity