Poll: Will Bellator Catch Up To The UFC In 2015?

jon jones

I know one guy that looks like a Chinese Michelin man who hopes Bellator will catch up…

The UFC is undoubtedly the force that runs the MMA world right now, whether we like it or not. The world’s largest MMA promotion has the most talent, the biggest bankroll and the highest level of exposure in the game. This doesn’t mean that things might not change though, and the recent news of record breaking Bellator MMA ratings may be a sign of things to come.

Scott Coker and co. may run BMMA like a freak show circus crossed with a backyard wrestling extravaganza, but apparently people are digging it. So the question is somewhat relevant…will Bellator catch up to the UFC in 2015?

The Zuffa umbrella seems to have taken a hit in the past year, with multiple injuries to their biggest stars, and PPV cards tanking like never before. Can the underdogs take advantage of this small window of opportunity?

Take a vote and have your say below…..

  • jcren

    This could have just as easily been titled….Will the Canadian Football league surpass the NFL.

    Bellator is not generating any new stars. In the short term a fight like Tito vs Bonnar will catch eyes. However, those guys will go away quickly. Not to mention they dont put on great fights. Was that fight really exciting to watch? In the meantime their stars are not getting their proper push.

    They let Tito smash Shlemenko. Shelmenko should have been built up to be a star…not diminished to be a jobber. The guys who they are putting stocking in are either old or overrated. The one exception are the two guys in the co-main event.

    So when these UFC rejects are done…what will they have left?

  • thexperience1


  • enjoylife321

    Is this a serious question Rory or a joke ?

  • murderous1

    Chinese Michelin Man you fucking killing me Rory can’t stop laughing you just labeled him in my mind for life

  • Randy Lahey

    By no means do I think Bellator will reach the success of the UFC especially this coming year
    but I do think the organization is on it’s way to becoming very successful and growing a solid
    consistent fan base. Everyone wants to hate on Bellator for its somewhat pro wrestling like
    promotions and outlook but at the same time people criticized them saying they were copying
    UFC in the past. Why is it that any other promotion is judged by the UFC’s success? There is
    room in the MMA world for a promotion to be different than the UFC and be successful. Personally
    I liked the ‘ring’ entrances of the Bellator fighters on Saturday night, It was something somewhat
    different and added to the entertainment factor of the whole event.

    As far as Bonnar fighting Tito went how can any UFC fan complain about it? Dana White milked both of
    these guys for their name years past their prime, why is it so wrong that Bellator does it now? Bellator
    is making it’s rise just like the UFC did 10 years before and they have every right to do so. For
    someone to say that Bellator is not developing stars is just plain ignorant. Bellator has plenty of good
    young talent being developed and showcased in all of their events. For Bellator to use the big names
    of Tito and Bonnar to draw more attention to their brand of MMA leads to more exposure for their
    other younger talent, it’s just good overall business.

    If you don’t think Bellator is developing stars you’re just ignorant and clearly you haven’t been
    watching the Bellator events.

    Starting at Heavyweight Undefeated champion Vitaly Minakov 5-0 with 4
    KO in Bellator. Blagoi Ivanov 6-1 with 4 submissions in Bellator, Alexander Volkov 6-1 with 4 KO in Bellator.
    Then there’s new comers Bobby Lashley 2-0 in Bellator, Javy Alaya 3-0 in Bellator, Augusto Sakai 2-0 in

    How about Light Heavyweight? Champion Emanuel Newton 8-1 in Bellator, Liam Mcgeary 6-0 with 6 finishes in
    Bellator. Mike Mucitelli 5-1 in Bellator, Atilla Vegh 5-1 in Bellator, King Mo 6-3 in Bellator, Linton Vassel
    3-1 in Bellator. New comers Ray Sloan 2-0 in Bellator, Emilano Sordi 1-0, Phelip Lins 2-1. Not even mentioning
    Rampage, Tito, Beltran and Sokoudjou.

    Middleweight, Champion Brandon Halsey 7-0 with 4 stoppages, Jason Butcher 5-1 with 3 subs and 2 KO in Bellator.
    Sam Oropeza 4-1 with 4 straight KO, Mikkel Parlo 4-2 in Bellator, Dan Cramer 8-2 in Bellator. New comer undefeated
    Ben Reiter 1-0, former champ Alex Shlemenko 11-3 in Bellator not to mention the potential of Melvin Manhoef.

    Welterweight, champion Doug Lima 8-1 with 7 ko in Bellator, Andrey Koreshkov 8-1 6 KO in Bellator, Adam Mcdonough 3-1
    in Bellator, Michael Page 3-0 in Bellator. Christiano Souza 3-1 in Bellator Paul Daley recently signed with Bellator and
    there is a decent list of recent signed welterweights waiting to get their chance to fight.

    Lightweight, Champion Will Brooks 7-1 in Bellator, Michael Chandler 9-3 in Bellator, Rick Hawn 12-4 in Bellator, Marcin Held
    Held 9-2 with 5 submissions, Dave Jansen 7-0 in Bellator, Alex Sarnavsky 5-2 with 4 submissions. Brent Primus 3-0 with 3 finishes
    Other up and comers Derek Anderson 11-1 in mma career, Paul Sass 14-2 in mma career, Pablo Villaseca 9-0 in mma career.

    Featherweight, champion Patricio Pitbull 10-2 in Bellator, Pat Curran 10-3 with 6 stoppages in Bellator, Daniel Staus 9-2 in Bellator,
    Marlon Sandro 8-3 in Bellator, Will Martinez 5-1 in Bellator, Frodo Khasbulaev 5-0 with 2 sub 2 KO, Bubba Jenkis 5-1 in Bellator.
    Other up and comers include, Darrion Caldwell 3-0 in Bellator, Julio cesar Neves 30-0 in mma career 2-0 in Bellator, Shanon Slack
    3-1 in Bellator.

    Bantamweight, champion Joe Warren 10-2 in Bellator, Eduardo Dantas 6-1 in Bellator, Mike Richman 7-4 in Bellator with 6 KO, Marcos Galvao
    6-3 in Bellator, Steve Garcia 3-0 in Bellator, Rafeal Silva 3-1 in Bellator, LC Davis 2-0 in Bellator.

    If you don’t see stars and potential stars in that list of fighters you are just need to look a little closer. Bellator is taking its
    product and entertainment to the next level and using big name veterans to draw attention is no new business idea, the more peoplet
    that get exposed to this talented roster the more fans will be made.

    My point is that people need to realize MMA is a growing sport and there is room for coexisting successful promotions, dont crusify Bellator
    for using same techniques the UFC used to build their brand and don’t judge the promotion if you don’t have proper knowledge of it’s fighters
    or history. Bellator always puts on exciting fight cards and you UFC obsessed fans needs to accept that and embrace it as the MMA fans are the
    ones who benefit the most.

    • thexperience1

      Come on dude… Their biggest stars are ufc rejects, that could no longer compete at the top level and the majority of their toplevel fighters wouldnt last 1 round in the octagon with the ufc’s top 10-15. They have impressive records wih wins over mediocre talent and cans.

  • ultimatebrosky

    He looks more like android 19 from dragon Ball z