Nothing new here: Mark Hunt faces long odds against JDS


The fight that everyone wants to see is booked for UFC 160 this May, and not surprisingly, former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has opened as a large favorite over Mark Hunt.

An early 4.3-to-1 favorite over The Super Samoan, dos Santos looks to right his ship and get back into another title shot. Until his one-sided loss to Cain Velasquez last December at UFC 155, dos Santos remained undefeated in the octagon and looked poised for a long reign at the top.

Hunt of course comes in hot off of four straight wins in the UFC, last seen knocking out Stefan Struve with a jaw-breaking left hand. When Alistair Overeem was forced out of his bout with dos Santos with a quad injury, Hunt was the obvious and logical choice to replace the Dutch striker.

Hunt first said he was ‘born down,’ but then Dana White confirmed that he had turned the bout down initially. The two got together and worked out the kinks, and the heavyweight clash was on. Hunt has a huge following who want to see the Pride and K-1 veteran reach the pinnacle of MMA.

However, the road runs through dos Santos, who has some of, if not the, best boxing in all of MMA. He has looked nigh unstoppable save for the loss to Velasquez, and there’s no doubt that a trilogy fight with the current champ is burning within his mind. JDS cited an ugly divorce as the reason he lost, but no excuses can be made now.

This is a pivotal bout in the heavyweight division that will likely decide the next title contender. Velasquez is set to face off with Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva on the same card May 25th, so there’s a possibility we might see Hunt vs. Bigfoot somewhere down the road. But that’s a very miniscule possibility. Dos Santos will be tough to knock out, and the odds obviously reflect that.

Either way you look at it, UFC 160 is a top-heavy card with the potential for some powerful battles. Will Mark Hunt continue to silence the critics against all odds?

  • two big guys with good chins, a lot of heart and elite striking! this will be a great battle!

  • I want Hunt to win so bad but I am positive that it won't happen.

    • @ichokeShiit: your right, hunt will loose this fight his chance of winning is knocking out JDS which is very difficult becus of speed.

  • Seriously Junior has never faced a knockout specialist like hunt – this is going to be a ko in the third even if Junior outpoints him for the 2 fisrt rounds

  • Mark my words (pun intended), The Big Samoan will shock the world with an upset TKO of the former Champ. If JDS decides to trade with Hunt, he's going to lose, because if this turns out to be a debate about who can land the heaviest shot, Mark wins that fight walking away. JDS is great, but he's never demonstrated Hunt's devastating, jaw breaking, power. He's a great boxer with great timing and solid power, but Hunt is a heavily armored tank and those JDS's shells are just as apt to bounce off, as hit home. Hunt, on the other hand, is just as apt to put a heat seeking bomb and pierce any fighters armor.

    I believe Mark can and will win this fight and I believe the only two guys who might be able to beat him are going to be The Champ and Cormier…..maybe.

    We shall see soon enough. I am really looking forward to this bout.

    • Zip

      Oh, the error in your thinking my friend. Hunt can't defend what he can't see. Sweet dreams Mark Zzz 🙂

      • @ Zip

        Cool. I won't be shocked if Mark loses. I just wonder how may out there will be shocked if he wins and only because, they won't give him any credit for having any chance, at beating JDS.

        Either man can win this fight. Should be great.

        • Zip


          Agreed, can't wait. Oh I give Hunt a chance, but it's not likely. He's a monster, we'll see 🙂

  • Mark Hunt will win as long as his opponents continue to stand and trade shots with him. But he's not well rounded enough to be champion. JDS by submission.

  • JDS has exactly two submission wins in his career. One was actually by strikes, and the other came in 2007, in the MTL: final in Brazil, whatever the hell that is. If Struve couldn't submit Hunt, I'd say Junior has no chance.

    Which means it will be decided by striking. JDS will be able to outscore Hunt, he's the faster striker but I don't think he'll be balwe to out him away. And if he can't put him away, then Hunt will only be one punch away from the upset.

    • @ Crane

      Well put.

      I think your comments about the ground game and Struve, are spot on.

      For me, if there's one intangible in this fight it will be cardio. In particularly Hunt's. However, that's not to imply that Jr. has an infinite gas tank, himself.

      Yes, Hunt could be one punch away from an upset. He just might have to survive a lot of punches to get the on punch off.

      As Avid and Troy say on "Community"….Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

  • I like both fighters, but I will be rooting for Mark Hunt.

    I don't see the odds as heavily in JDS as other fans do–I see the odds being closer to equal–with a slight edge to JDS.

    JDS is not comfortable on the ground. I know he practices, and he took Carwin down–and was on top of Cain for a bit–but he did little–and seemed anxious to return to standup. JDS prefers standup–and he has stated this many times in the past.

    With JDS's footwork, Mark Hunt is going to have a hard time catching Junior–but as another poster said–Hunt, with his power, only needs one good shot.

    This fight is by far more interesting to me than Overeem vs. JDS.