Meet The Victoria’s Secret Model Who Is Also A Muay Thai WEAPON

muay thai women

Women’s MMA got some great exposure with Holly Holm’s epic win at UFC 193, and here’s another badass broad that would kick your ass….

Holly Holm and Joanna Jedrzejczyk stood out head and shoulders above the rest in Melbourne, Australia on November 14. Joanna got the job done with a gritty war against Valerie Letourneau to retain her strawweight strap, and ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ destroyed the betting lines with her monstrous second round knockout against Ronda Rousey. For women’s MMA, it was a huge weekend, but the event also came with a tinge of disappointment for fans of the former champ ‘Rowdy.’

Both Jedrzejczyk and Holm have big backgrounds in combat sports before MMA, being former Muay Thai and boxing champions respectively. The European star Joanna ‘Champion’ trained under Ernesto Hoost as a Thai boxer, and won many amateur and professional titles in the sport. She is now being recognized as one of the best Thai boxing to MMA crossovers.


But Holm and Jedrzejczyk might have some more competition somewhere down the line with Victoria’s Secret model Gracie Carvalho, who revealed recently that she trains heavily in Muay Thai, often going to Thailand to spar in some of their best training facilities.


I know, innocent looking but the girl can strike well. Oh and she also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a current UFC fighter. The next Paige VanZant? Check out page 2 for the footage of her working the eight points in Thailand….

  • kevin

    no….just no

  • Michal J Ferdynus

    She has no power but the technique is there. Great job!

    • Christofono

      Good Technique??What….Looks like me on my second day of Muay Thai class. This article is ridiculous . To put a hobby in the same category of longtime world Champions is just Ridicule!!!!!!!! Joanna would glare her out cold at the weigh ins.

      • Michal J Ferdynus

        Her technique is good, I am not saying it’s a pro muay thai good but it is better than a lot of guys I’ve seen training. And yes, Joanna would destroy her within 10 punches thrown.

  • Christofono

    Lame Lame but Gorgeous!!!! But for a fight story Lame Lame Lame!! My gym has a lot of hotties. They all hurt their wrists and ankles and never come back but claim to be able to fight! Now the big girls losing weight they work hard!