Matt Brown set to face Thiago Alves at UFC on Fox Sports 1


The first UFC of Fox Sports 1 card has apparently added an intriguing matchup to its young lineup. Surging welterweight Matt Brown will welcome Thiago Alves back to the Octagon this August when the UFC makes its way into Boston.

Brown was last seen dismantling young prospect Jordan Mein in a war at UFC on Fox 7. There’s not too many more welterweights with the momentum that Brown has going right now, and a win over Alves would further bolster his resume. It’s also a good gauge for his striking, as Alves has always been noted for his impressive Muay Thai.

On the other hand, there are a lot of questions surrounding Alves heading into this bout. We haven’t seen him fight since March of last year when he lost to Martin Kampmann via homerun submission in the third round. Alves was thoroughly dominating Kampmann in the standup game, but surprisingly shot for a double leg that ultimately spelled his doom. Since then he’s battled a litany of injuries, the most severe being surgery for a torn pectoral muscle. 

No contract has been signed, but MMA Fighting has reported that sources close to the subject have confirmed the bout. The card will mark the switch of all major UFC programming over to Fox Sports 1. A long-awaited bout between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva has been rumored for the main event in Boston, but that has not been made official yet either. The inaugural event for the channel should be an exciting one, as Boston fans love their fights. Can ‘The Immortal’ break through into the top wrungs of the UFC 170 lb. arena?

  • I have no idea how this fight makes any sense.

    Matt Brown is on a five fight winning streak. Comparatively, Alves is 3 & 5 and coming off of a loss. I fail to see how Alves get this fight. More to the point, I fail to see why Brown wouldn't be drawing a top-ten fighter in his next bout.

    An even better question might be to ask why Brown, himself, is not ranked top-ten.

    Koscheck is 2 & 3 in his last five, coming off of back to back losses and he's ranked #10.
    Lawler is (also) 2 & 3 in his last five, with only 1 victory (his last) in The UFC. He's @ #9
    Saffiedine is 4 & 1 in his last five (a 4 fight winning streak) all StrikeForce fights. He's @ 8
    Kampmann is 3 & 2 in his last five and coming off of a loss. He's ranked @ 7
    Diaz is 3 & 2 in his last five, with only 1 win in The UFC & coming off of 2 losses. He's @ 6

    It's not until you get to the 5 spot and Demian Maia, that we find a fighter who has a claim to a ranking, where Brown would not. As far as I am concerned, to have Brown not ranked while these other fighter are, is ridiculous. To then not give him a top-ten fight is even more ridiculous. To pair him up with another un-ranked fighter, who is coming off of a loss, is even more ridiculous, still. To match fighters on winning streaks, with fighters coming off of a loss or on a losing streak, is ridiculous to the point of disbelief. Yet, with that said and as if that wasn't enough, if it's going to be done, to pair Koscheck up with Maia and not Brown, is just sheer stupidity. If the management was going to go down this path, why not match Brown with Koscheck and give Maia the winner of MacDonald / Ellenberger?

    My opinion of this match, regardless of whether or not it ends up being an entertaining bout, is that it's a load of crap. It's certainly a total waste of Brown's time and winning streak. After five fights and wins in a row, to get, yet another un-ranked opponent is an insult.

    The match making coming out of head-office these days is making less and less, sense.

    • @Truth….I read the title and went WTF? I thought brown would be given one higher ranked guy considering he has five impressive wins in a row. Matt Brown is becoming the official gatekeeper to the top ten division.

      • @ Enjoy

        I think he is top-ten. He certainly no gatekeeper. Gatekeepers don't go on 5 fight winning streaks. It just doesn't happen. He and Koscheck would have been a decent match and a ranked one. It would have put him up against a great wrestler and heavy-handed striker. A match with Saffiedine would have also been a good match…basically a fight for a ranked position. As Saffiedine has not fought in The UFC, I think it would have been a great idea to pit the SF Champ against a long-time UFC vet, whose on a 5 fight win streak. Winner gets the ranking. With these two fighters, I think that's an easy Co-Main event.

        Ticks me off.

    • The fight doesn't make sense but I think the only reason Matt isn't ranked top 10 is because he hasn't fought or beat someone near the top 10 in a while.

      • But that's kind of the point though, Keith. In order to get there you have to be given the chance. Okay, when does he get the chance? He's on a 5 fight win streak. If that doesn't warrant a top-ten, I don't know what does. Out of respect for his tenure in The Promotion, they should have at least given him Saffiedine.

        Brown has 15 fights in The UFC since 2008, with a 10 & 5 record and is riding a 5 fight win streak. Saffiedine has "0" wins in The Big Show and was immediately ranked…and all for no other particular reason, other than he beat Nate Marquardt (in a forgettable fight) for the SF 170 belt. Big deal. In Brown's last fight he demolished Jordan Mein and Mein was a "big upcoming" fighter. What does the guy have to do to get a top-ten fighter?

        For me, the brand is really starting to put together some stupid fights.
        Jones / Sonnen, CV / Bigfoot, Maia / Koscheck and now Brown / Alves. I think they are all bad pairings.

        As a long-time Matt Brown fan, I'm both frustrated and disappointed.

        I think Brown should have been given the opportunity to take that slot and I can't understand why he wasn't. It's a load of crap.

        • apparently he needs a better matchmaker than joe silva hehe, seriously, matt brown looks awesome as of late, wouldnt be surprise if he isnt in the top 10 after, or when he beats alves though, rankings are craaazy,

          • When he beats Alves? we are looking past Alves… really? Strong wrestlers are the only people I give a clear advantage to when facing Alves. 5 fight win streak… Mein the up and comer was the only impressive win on that streak in terms of talent. Alves is the better striker and I think takes this by 2nd round TKO

          • oh sorry…i mean "IF"

    • @ Myself…LOL!…and no one for calling me on it…LOL!

      Doh! Alves is…2 & 3 over his last 5. Not 3 & 5, over his last 8. LOL!

      My apologies to the thread.

  • Stylistically a fun match but rankings-wise, stupid.

    Alves has a strong enough chin and enough power to perhaps finish Matt Brown and his winning streak, I don't see why they would risk this against a guy who has absolutely no hype or fan momentum at the moment, especially when he is unranked.

    Matt Brown has looked like a monster and I love the way he fights but personally I think Thiago Alves is a bad match-up for him… I hope I'm wrong

  • I would like to have seen brown vs either Mia or Diaz personally!!!