Lyoto Machida on why his karate will prevail against Dan Henderson


Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida appears in a recent interview courtesy of MMA H.E.A.T. to address his upcoming tilt with Dan Henderson this Saturday. Machida is no stranger to title fights, and thinks he should he earn another one with a win over the legendary Hendo.

Machida appears very confident and calm heading into the bout, noting that he has learned from his past mistakes to grow and continue seeking his goal of being champion again. He is a humble fighter looking to once again rule the 205 lb. division.

The Dragon expresses that Machida Karate is built for a real fight, not show. Using that emphasis, he has found openings in Henderson’s game that he can exploit. With that said, he also has much respect for Hendo’s game, especially in a three round fight. Saturday night’s co-main event could be the cause for some serious fireworks. 

  • That damn Machida is planning on getting k.o. of the night, fight of the night, while throwing Hendo a retirement party all in 1 night. I wouldn't be mad if im wrong but i doubt it though.

    Remember keith ferfer im not a paid mma expert analyst like yourself, so try to go e-z on me pilgram!

    • This is a decent comment just lay off the hate dude!

      • Kool Keith its good, i dont know why you called me a troll but hell i been called harsher things. Peace

  • Down goes, Dan. Machida via TKO – round 2.

  • Machida's probably gonna win but Dan has proved time and time again people wrong and i wouldn't be surprised if he did it this time again good luck to both dudes

  • Dan the man by not drinking his peepee. 8D

    • Man if anyone drinks their peepee it should be Dan…. Pure testosterone fuel!

      But then he may have trouble with his drug test results…

  • Careful Hendo,don't " enter the dragon" ,you might not like it!

  • I wouldnt count hendo out, he is very good at throwing and catching his opponents with that hendo bomb and we all know machida cannot take damage. This is going to be an intriguing match up