LIVE: UFC ‘Special Announcement’ From Quebec City, Canada at 12 P.M. ET


The Ultimate Fighting Championship will be streaming yet another “special announcement” live from Quebec City, Canada today at 12 p.m. ET. The announcement is expected to center around the full schedule of events centered in Canada for 2014.

Our friends to the North have always been very passionate about MMA, but that allegiance is going to be tested in 2014 without their golden boy, former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre still retired (at least for the time being).

In preparation for the announcement, UFC Managing Director for UFC Canada Tom Wright appeared on SportsNet to discuss the fact that they do miss St. Pierre, but will move on with their plans for Canada with or without him:

“You know what, I’m a huge Georges St-Pierre fan. I think all Canadians are. We’re really looking forward to actually seeing him back. I think he will come back. He may even come back in 2014, but who knows? But one of the reasons we’re having this press conference and talking about the different things that we’re doing, is because we will continue to move on.

“We’ve got some great fighters in our country. TJ Grant, we’ve Sam Stout, we’ve got these women I’ve been speaking (about), Mitch Clark is an up and comer… TUF Nations we just finished up Episode 2…So there’s a lot of exciting things that we’re doing to make sure the sport continues to grow, that our athletes continue to develop and while we’d love to see Georges back, and at some point we will, we’ll move on.”

In St. Pierre’s absence, Canadian MMA fans received their own season of TUF (kind of) when their own Patrick Cote was signed on to lead the Canadian team against Kyle Noke’s Australian team on TUF Nations. But that’s hardly a consolation prize for losing one of the greatest fighters the UFC has ever seen, so Canadians will await his return regardless of what this anouncement may entail.

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