Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva-Will We See The Super Fight This Year?


In recent months, there has been a lot of speculation and hype surrounding a potential super fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Some fans have also suggested that there are few fighters outside of Chris Weidman that could present a serious threat to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.  Chris Weidman is scheduled to face Anderson Silva on July 7th at UFC 162 in Las Vegas.

Looking over the list of contracted UFC fighters within the middleweight division, it would appear that the next prospective fighter worthy of a challenge after Weidman would be Vitor Belfort and possibly USAsi”>Gegard MoUSAsi should he successfully drop to middleweight. With Anderson Silva having already defeated Vitor Belfort, it is unlikely that Silva would be interested in a rematch after delivering one of the most spectacular knock out finishes. Ronaldo Souza is another up and coming contender; however, with previous losses to both MoUSAsi and Luke Rockhold he would need to get some big wins on his UFC resume to secure a shot in the future.

If Anderson Silva is successful in defeating Weidman, the only speed bump on the road for the Super fight will be the recovery of Bones recent foot injury. With Anderson Silva already 38 years of age, the booking of a super fight cannot wait much longer.

You may recall that many boxing fans lost out on a potential super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jnr due to failed negotiations. Although the UFC have encountered problems in the past when trying to negotiate a deal for Fedor Emelianenko, unlike Fedor, both Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are already under contract with the UFC. This would suggest that negotiations are less likely to stall.

If the fight does take place, Jon Jones will have almost a 7 inch reach advantage over Silva, not to mention the 13 year age difference. Jon Jones is similar in size to Anderson Silva’s former opponent Stefan Bonnar, both fighters standing 6 ft 4 inches. Bonnar however only had an 80 inch reach compared to Bones 84.5 inch reach.  This compares to Anderson Silva’s height of 6ft 2 inches with a 77.6 inch reach.

Another interesting aspect of the super fight will be wrestling. If Chael Sonnen was able to dominate Anderson Silva for almost five rounds with his wrestling, it makes you wonder the capabilities of Jon Jones who completely dominated Chael Sonnen on the ground and made it look easy. It is a frightening prospect considering the history of ground n pound damage Jon Jones has inflicted upon his opponents.  Jon Jones made a point of beating Chael Sonnen at his own game. It will be interesting to see whether Jon Jones exercises caution or tests his confidence on the feet against the best striker in the UFC.

As fight fans, what game plan do you see Jon Jones employing against Anderson Silva? Will Jon Jones try to ‘Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva on the feet the same way he made an example over Chael Sonnen. Or will Jon Jones look for a more conservative approach?

  • In my opinion Silva's striking is on another level. Jones is thinking one step ahead of most opponents but Anderson Silva has super quick instant reactions which have been honed over an entire lifetime of training. Experience that jones hasn't got yet

    • @Rory…Bones did have some trouble in that first round against Machida and I guess anyone would be pretty spooked fighting Anderson Silva. i think he might engage a ground game.

      • Machida landed one clean shot and ran away for most of the round. Sonnen landed more shots against Jones than Machida did.

        • @Azzkika..Thats been Machida's style though for a while. He very rarely loses a round but you are right in that he takes his time to engage.

      • Enjoy…I think if Jones ever fought Silva, he'd stomp all over him. I think it would be shocking as to how easily he would do it, too. The reach and wrestling are too much and he's pretty much as dynamic as Silva on the feet. I think he'd come out, throw him on the ground and beat the crap out of him and pretty much the same way that he did to Sonnen or any other freaking fighter he's finished and lets be honest, while Silva has fed on the like of Pat Cote, Jones has stomped all over former Champions and the best that 205 has / had to offer.

        Jones by embarrassment, round 1 of a fight that will never happen.

        • @Truth….I get that impression as well. Bones has never lost, his physicality is amazing, youth on his side…Everything points to a win. Interesting that you don't see the fight ever happening. What reason do you think it won't happen…too much at risk for silva?

        • Maybe he keeps beating these former champs b/c no1 is Great enough to keep it….

  • I actually think we will see a super-fight, providing Andy dispatches Weidman – Which there's a 99% chance he will. People seem to be giving Weidman a really good chance in this fight but he's been off for 10 months and he hasn't even fought a high-level striker in the UFC yet let-alone Anderson Silva after a lengthy lay-off.

    Don't get me wrong, his counter-elbow on Munoz was amazing (Anderson Silva level even) but that's just one flash of real brilliance vs a man that makes a career out of doing that to the highest-level guys.

    We're going to see a super-fight, this year. Whether it's GSP vs Anderson or Anderson vs Jones. I think Jones is a horrible fight for Anderson though, I think he's the best but if you factor in Jone's skill AND frame I don't see Anderson winning unless he can catch Jones with an incredibly powerful counter, or fantastically slick submission.

    BECAUSE: Think about what Sonnen did to Silva and what Jones did to Sonnen. Once Sonnen got in close he was rag-dolling Silva most of the time and Sonnen couldn't even start to move Jones. If Jones gets in close to Anderson and gets him down – ala the Sonnen fight – the fight won't go five rounds, not with Jones's power and those elbows. Jones will finish Anderson brutally.

    Don't shoot the messenger, Anderson's THE best. But Jone's advantages are too much. If Anderson's thinking legacy then he should fight GSP.

    BUT: If Anderson DOES beat Jones, it will be the most incredible victory of all time and I'll be ******* furniture and lighting fireworks in my house.

    • Dunno whether to sharp or weak that comment. Silva has the best striking but is far from the best MMA fighter. Its like saying Mayweather is the best fighter when he isnt just the best boxer. Jones is a better all round fighter than Silva hands down as is Aldo, GSP, Edgar IMO.

      • Money May and Anderson Silva are the best at what they do, plain and simple.

    • If we go by how a fight went we have to take into account Vitor vs Silva and Jones and also Bonnar. Bonnar was going to beat Jones if it was 5 rounds and Silva absolutely dismantled him and Vitor we all saw was destroyed in R1 by Silva and went 4 with Jones. Silva also had injury in first fight with Sonnen and in 2nd fight Silvas corner men were telling him to test the waters in R1 and in R2 they said that now they know for sure that Sonnen can't do anything and start his fight and when he did it was over quick and he stuffed the takedowns as good as Jones did.

  • I'm going to say that this fight never happens. As any of these often-spoken-of Super-Fights can be derailed by a loss, I think the odds are against it. For example, if Weidman beats Silva, there goes the Jones fight or even the GSP fight, for that matter. There's just too many variable and if Dana keeps waiting for the outcome of this or that bout to happen, it will never happen.

    If Dana wants these fights to happen, then he'd just make them happen. For example, he wouldn't have scheduled Silva / Weidman. He would have simply scheduled Silva / Jones, but even had he done that, we'd now be sitting around waiting on an injured Jones to re-hab.

    The reality is, that every time he runs one of the three marquis fighters out there (Jones, Silva, GSP) he's rolling the dice on his Super-Fights. Personally, I think he's gone to the table too many times and is bout to come up short one of these days. Be it by loss, injury or schedule / timing, I don't think any of these fights, including Silva / Jones will ever happen.

    Unless DW steps to the mic and says….regardless of loss, whose got a belt, who doesn't, the fans want to see…fighter "X" vs. fighter "Y" and I'm going to make that happen…it's not going to happen.

    Personally speaking, I could care less if Silva and Jones were either un-defeated or still Champions, I'd love to see the fight. As the fight would probably not be for a belt, I don't even see why the fight would need to be predicated on either being Champion or un-defeated. Blemished or un-blemished, Silva / Jones is the biggest fight that White could put together. I just don't think he will. He seems to be of the mind that they have to both be Champs and un-tarnished, in order to make the fight. I think he's wrong.

    • PS – In terms of Anderson not being interested in a re-match with VB…who cares, what Anderson thinks. I am so sick of this statement about the great wizard. He's Champ, he should fight whomever is put in front of him, particularly those that have earned it. He fought Sonnen and Franklin twice, surely he can deal with Belfort.

      It's also even more ridiculous, when you think that Cain has to fight Bigfoot again, only 2 fights past kicking the crap out of him and where Bigfoot's earning of the rematch was dubious, to say the least. He beat a guy with a blown out hamstring, for God's sake. I'm sure CV is not really interested in fighting Bigfoot again, particularly so soon after having had beaten him, but you don't hear the HW Champ complaining about it.

      It's amazing how some BS fights like Jones / Sonnen get made, but when we're talking about legitimate contenders @ 185, there seems to be a different criteria…there's popularity, twitter followers, Facebook, The Champ's feelings and a whole bunch of other crap that seems to be taken into consideration. It's all BS.

      This is a huge chunk of the reason I want Weidman to beat Silva. To return some sanity and order to The Division. Finally have a Champ who just want to fight and defend his belt and against whomever and on a regular basis. We haven't seen that @ 185 in quite sometime. Wizard or no Wizard, it's all BS.

    • @Truth…if weidman does defeat SIlva then Silva and bones could still fight however it would be highly unlikely because Silva would go straight into a rematch with weidman should he lose.
      and the superfight logo would be buried alive..Personally I think Silva wants GSp first. Gsp has had a rough time at the office in recent fights. He has shown up at the post fight conferences with ice packs all over his head. I think GSp is getting closer and closer to losing his title because there are some tough dudes in his division.

      • Yeah Enjoy, I think I'd have to agree with all of that statement. Even I as a GSP fan am beginning to tire of the same-old-same-old.

        I keep saying this, he needs a new, more aggressive BJJ coach. One who actually fights or has fought. As "cool" as John Danaher is, he's not getting the job done and I'd pretty much say the same thing about Phil Nurse. Other than the addition of a jab to his stand-up, I've seen no growth in that field in quite some time and Nurse can't even take credit for the jab.

        The bottom-line on my boy Georges is that his wresting has carried his *** now, for several fights and personally, I'm tired of it. He needs to grow and the current team ain't gettin' er' done.

        I think we are of one mind on these subjects.

        • I am not so sure it's them but maybe Jackson. I think all of the Jackson fighters lose their killer instinct to some degree and some just have it in spades before they come in. I even think Cowboy has gotten softer with his killer instinct and Jones too and GSP used to go for the finish when it was there and now he won't sometimes when it is sitting there like a baby's candy in front of him. His guys always go for a takedown late in the round and focus on points first and then if there is time and it is nearly 100% surety, seal the deal.

  • Everybody always compare the Silva Sonnen fight with Jones Sonnen fight when Sonnen put him down for 5 rounds and Jones put Sonnendown and beat him on the ground on the first round but they forgot 2 common opponents, Belfort and Bonnar… Silva was able to knock them out both on first round. while Bones won Bonnar by decision and Belfort on 4th round not to say he was close to submit him with an armbar. do not underestimate the spider!

    • That deserves a sharp.

    • Jones was on the losing end in R3 too with Bonnar and was saved by lack of time.

  • By the actual time the fight came around, you would be so sick of UFC advertisements, you might skip it.