Johnny Hendricks on Georges St. Pierre: He’s never faced a true wrestler with power


Johnny Hendricks recently spoke with MMA H.E.A.T. and had some rather interesting things to say, claiming that although Georges St. Pierre is going around saying that he’s never fought someone like himself, the same is true the other way around.

Reporters also pointed out that Georges had also claimed or already knew what Hendricks’ game plan would be. Hendricks seemed somewhat irritated by the statement and with conviction continued on to reveal his entire gameplan stating:

“I’ll tell you my game plan, I’m gonna hit you with my left, if that doesn’t work I’m gonna try to take you down, if that doesn’t work I’m gonna find a way to win Georges”

“One thing that he cannot prepare for is my heart, my speed and my determination to win.”

Feels like we’re in the beginning stages of a solid rivalry and a potentially huge fight between the two best Welterweights in the world. Only the difference between these proclamations and those of St. Pierre’s previous opponents, is that many fans of MMA  truly believe what Hendricks is saying and also believe that he might actually possess the skills required to defeat the long reigning Welterweight champion.

Check out the interview below for yourself: 

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    Not totally true. Koscheck has pretty much the same wrestling accolades as Hendricks and also has some serious punching power.

    In fact, Hendricks better watch that fight if his plan is to "try to hit him with his left hand" because Kos was trying to hit GSP with his overhand right the whole fight…didn't work out so well.

    • They are similar fighters on paper but in reality Johnny is a far better striker than Kos and hits a hell of a lot harder.

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        Really? Because when they fought, it looked like they were pretty evenly matched on the feet.

        • johnny hendrix will destroy the boring and not a finisher gsp. Its time to pass the fire to another warrior which is much more better than gsp.

      • He hits harder but he's not that much better!

      • What makes him a far better striker? Being left handed?

        • Just that he has been able to stand do good against Condit, Grant, Sadollah and Kampmann, all really good strikers.

          Kos is no slouch but in the octagon all he has really done striking wise is get picked apart by Hughes before landing one on his aging chin and hurt Anthony Johnson… nothing compared to what Johny has done.

          • He didn't stand with Condit all that much and when he did he didn't look too special. IMHO he didn't even win the fight against Koscheck. I thought Josh got seriously robbed in that fight. Georges is going to make this guy look just as bad as he makes everyone else look.

          • agree, Hendricks is a joke not as a fighter cuz he is obviously skilled and is a solid top 10 , but the fact that he is calling GSP and saying he is scared of him , GSP has been in the UFC since the UFC 40's almost a decade , he has been the best WW champion and face all top contenders the UFC put on him , never back from a fight, and Hendricks wants to try to act like he is the man? he didnt beat Koscheck that was was very close and Koscheck won in my eyes 2 out of 3 rounds, same with Condit he got pick apart on the feet for the most of the fight and had to go for TD's to avoid Condits striking, Condit won that fight .

            Now Hendricks wants call GSP a coward? what a joke.
            with so many Top WW right now he should make a statement in his previous fight to a title fight and he hasn't , he pretty much lost a Split decision to Condit, when he dominates or finish someone like Ellenberger, Nate, Lawler, Diaz , Condit, Koscheck , McDonald then he can ask for GSP

        • haha, cleaver

  • And Hendricks has never faced the athleticism and pace that Georges can put on him.

    • Condit's pace is up there with just about anyone in the game but your right the athleticism and also technique will be a new hurdle for Johny to try and get by.

  • I love JH. I think he is a great guy and has real power. GSP on the other hand is a more complete fighter. He is extremely agile, fast and technical. I'd root for GSP.