Following last night’s KO, the Hector Lombard hype train may be back on track


Last night, Hector Lombard came out in Australia and performed like the fighter we were all expecting to see when he debuted against Tim Boetsch earlier this year. In knocking out a very tough fighter in Rousimar Palhares, Lombard may have just reignited the fire on his quick-to-disappear hype train. A fresh change from his first UFC bout, which most MMA fans derided as being largely boring to watch. Some accredited Lombard’s lackluster performance to a case of the Octagon jitters. Lombard himself has stated that he he was injured heading into the bout with Boetsch, but could not pull out of his debut. Others thought Lombard beat Boetsch even though it was an uneventful fight.


However, last night the Hector Lombard of old showed up. He came out stalking his opponent as he did all those nights over in Bellator, throwing leather with bad intentions and seemingly landing punches at will. Sure, most thought that Palhares’ only chance to win was to take the fight to the ground, but when he tried, Lombard shrugged him off like an immovable object. And Palhares is an expert BJJ practitioner. In beating a quality Middleweight with such ease, Lombard sent out notice to the UFC Middleweight division.


According to Lombard, the man he wants to fight is highly ranked contender Michael Bisping. He spoke of his intentions to knock him out during his post-fight interview in the cage. Should Lombard be given a chance at Bisping or another top five Middleweight? I would venture to say he does. Palhares himself has lost very few fights, and they were to top fighters like Dan Henderson and Alan Belcher. His punches seemed to hold all of the power that he was billed as having. There may still be some questions about Lombard’s level of competition due to his long tenure as Bellator champion, but the only way to find out the truth is to give him some great fights. Will he face and/or defeat Anderson Silva? That question is a little far off and speculative. But Lombard is headed right where we thought he would be this summer. Do you buy back into the hype or do you need to see more?

  • Both: I buy the hype and I want to see more.

    • anderson will destory him

    • Somebody pi$$ thest this man on the double!!!

    • @ MKT Its easy to say Lombard was back on track, but look at how flat his opponent was. He threw a few legs kicks and was running backwards the whole time.

      Lombard needs to be tested by a great stand up guy in the UFC who is going to be throwing hands and feet and looking like he wants a win.

      • thats why he asked for Bisping right away

        • Bisping will go to sleep. He is, in my opinion the more technical and "better" striker but he lacks the ability to survive the kind of bombs Lombard will land. I think it will go down like the Hendo fight.

      • Lombard needs to be tested by VADA.

  • Damn, I should have waited to post my Hector Lombard treatise, here.

    • we could always copy / paste our arguement here, lol.

      • lol…F-U …infinite..

        Hey man, I almost feel vindicated. A lot of what I stated has been reiterated here, in this post.

        • ill funny that shit, then go to work . i would honestly rather see lombard k.o. bisping then biz win by dec…

          • Infinite, we would all prefer to see that.

            Go to work.

  • Honestly I think he won the Tim Boetsh fight too. Anyone who watched it would agree with me. He called out Bisping, lets see what happens here!

    • But he's calling out a guy whose already got a scheduled fight. He'd be better off calling out the winner of Bisping / Belfort or to cut to the chase, he should just call out Belfort, because I don't see Bisping getting by the Brazilian.

      • vitor vs lombard omg!! sounds great on paper