Dana White Confident He’ll Sign Gina Carano To Face Rousey This December, Says She Did ‘Damn Good Job’ Against ‘Cyborg’


Much has been made of the UFC’s attempt to sign former Strikeforce featherweight champion Gina Carano for a rumored title bout with dominant women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Dana White was supposed to be going to Los Angeles to “get this f—— thing done,” but Carano’s movie studio reportedly stood in the way.

According to MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti, the UFC President revealed at today’s UFC Fight Night 46 Q & A that he’s headed to meet with the former MMA star this coming Monday, and once again, he’s confident a deal will be reached:

Many have questioned “Conviction’s” legitimate chances against Rousey after five years away from the cage, but that’s apparently the fight that will be made this December if and when she returns:

With MMA fans and media alike deeming the match-up a high-profile squash match, it’s hard to figure out many ways Carano can beat Rousey, an elite athlete clearly head and shoulders above her peers.

Indeed, Carano was destroyed in her last fight, a 2009 TKO loss to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. However, White said Carano did well despite “Cyborg” possibly being on “Mountain Dew” for the fight:

Rousey’s next opponent is currently unknown, and “Rowdy” is on the sidelines following knee surgery and a broken hand. White confirmed the surgery went well:

Rousey could tentatively return to fight sometime late this year. Newly signed Holly Holm is going to get a tune-up fight, while “Cyborg” won’t return to bantamweight until Invicta FC 10 this December.

No. 1-ranked Cat Zingano probably deserves a shot at Rousey more than Carano if she gets past Amanda Nunes at UFC 178, but there’s not much doubt that the “Rowdy” vs. “Conviction” bout would supersede any other potential match-ups.

Are you looking forward to his big name bout, or are you sick of hearing about a fight that could easily last less than a minute?

  • Lost her last fight (got destroyed), hasn't fought in about 5 years, but gets and immediate title shot, dana is really doing a good job protecting rousey and her hype trian, just cant wait for cyborg to destroy ronda, dana cant protect her forever.

    • Zip

      It's less about protecting Ronda, and more about $$$. Don't know how anyone believes a word that comes out of Dana's mouth at this point.

      • Yeah no doubt. Last time I remember Dana mentioning Cyborg the word irrelevant was used, but now it's a great boost for his draw attempt with Gina.

    • Gina is a Great fighter and if she comes correct and in great shape
      will be great fight but how can you not have a warm up fight with a
      lay off like that hope she has an insane training camp will be interesting, cause when she fought Cyborg was like fighting a man
      she was all juiced up and huge….she is jumping to the front of the line but with out Gina there wouldnt be Rousey Gina carried womens mma

    • Yeah bro this is a fuckin joke, The Baldfather just wants the ppv buys

    • gm1

      Yeah…what a joke…
      Dana just lost all the respect from me at this point.
      I dont like Carano anyway…
      Hope she get the crap beat out of her….it will be hilarous….

      • Yeah same cant wait to see the coutdown for this fight trying to convince me Carano is a legitimate title contender.. they have done this shit alot but this kind of tops it

    • You are pathetic just like every other Cyborg fan. For one Cyborg was offered the exact same contract as Ronda and she turned it down. Two, she is ripped up and shredded at 145, cutting anymore weight is not only extremely dangerous, it is seriously going to make her gas 10x quicker. Cyborg needs to get in line like every other female in the UFC, Earn your fucking title shot, get your weight under control, then fight Ronda.

      I can just picture either Cyborg missing weight completely, or draining her self so bad she will be half the fighter she is. Dana is not "protecting" Ronda, Ronda has faced every single, legit challenger the UFC has put in front of her. Maybe if Cyborg wasn't a lying drug cheat she would be in the UFC already.

      The whole thing where Carano gets and immediate title shot is purely for Money. If the UFC make that fight right away, they can hype the shit out of it and draw massive pay per view numbers with the casual fans. If they give Carano, Meisha or Liz they would be missing out on massive amounts of money. If you are waiting for Ronda to get "destroyed" you are going to be feeling foolish for many years to come. Ronda is special Cyborg is a Cheating Whore.

      • At least we agree on one thing space. I second all of that. I don't know why people think cyborg is good. It can't be by watching her fight. I cringe when I watch her muay Thai 101 and terrible footwork. I guess using stenzonal lets you cut so much more weight you just go out there lime Kramer beating up children in a kids karate class.

  • Nice… ready to see this scrap!

    • Even though it is a joke, I would still like to see it if they are not going to let Cyborg fight her.

      • They'll probably get Cyborg next year after proves she makes weight without dropping dead at bantamweight. There's not doubt in my mind that the UFC wants to make that fight happen. That fight would be so fucking huge…!! Unless Cyborg loses her fight in December, i'm pretty sure we'll see that 2nd quarter of 2015.

      • If you think cyborg can beat rousey at this point you are crazy. Want to talk about protected cyborg fights in a much weaker division with a huge weight advantage do to using peds to cut weight. Sure she looks great fighting smaller girls in a weak division. She just got beat by an aging kickbox champ in a horrible must Thai match. They both looked sloppy.

        cyborg is an average fighter at best who has cheated her whole career and now her time is over.

        anyone who thinks Ronda is all hype knows absolutely nothing about technique. That girl has gone from 0-7 in her striking in just a couple years. She is now using footwork, head movement, and has speed and power. I think she can hang with a bantamweight cyborg and beats her easily. Oh and my opinion isn't based off of baseless emotion its based off of watching how fast her technique grows and how skilled she is.
        the Gina fight is obviously all about money however. She isn't on the same level.

  • What a liar!!!! Bald father is a piece of crap, booking fights that are freak shows for ppv sales.

    • And that's different than normal how?