Ego Costs The Spider His Belt, So What’s Next?


Anderson Silva payed the ultimate price at UFC 162, losing his Middleweight belt to Chris Weidman in a performance that was nothing short of reckless.

At the end of round one, Anderson’s corner were concerned at his antics advising him to calm down. It was the same advice that Anderson’s corner had delivered in the Stefan Bonnar fight however Anderson wanted to push the envelope and psychologically torment Chris Weidman’s fighting ability until it all came unstuck.

When Anderson announced in his post fight speech that Chris Weidman was the better man it did nothing to address the humiliation that had just taken place. It reminded me of Judge Judy Sheinlein’s book titled “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining”. Silva led a complete circus act during the fight, juggling verbal taunts and walking the tight rope flat footed with his hands by his waist which ultimately led to his defeat.

The showboating ended like the titanic with Silva’s long held title sinking deep into the ocean. One of the few people who were not critical of Silva’s performance was Dana White. For a man that is supposedly a huge boxing fan, it seems bizarrely odd that Dana would see nothing wrong in his champion holding his hands by his waist.  

Had Anderson Silva buried his ego and maintained the discipline and composure of George St Pierre, a Superfight with Jon Jones may well have eventuated or even possibly a boxing showdown with Roy Jones Jnr. The best we can hope for at this stage is for Silva to jump back on the horse and face Weidman in a rematch with a renewed focus and discipline. At this stage the rematch is the only viable option for Silva.

Despite the lackadaisical performance of Silva, Weidman showed outstanding composure, great wrestling and submission attempts, not to mention KO power. He deserved this win entirely and delivered what no other fighter could achieve, a big taste of humble pie. Had Silva kept his hands up who knows who would have won. This is the big question that needs to be answered in a rematch.

So fight fans, what should Silva do next in your opinion?

Rematch with Weidman? Move to 205 and challenge Bones, or Retire? Second of all, did you find Dana White’s support of Silva a major contradiction?


  • Maybe that was Dana's way of eating humble pie as well. Not addressing the ridiculous display and the shot heard around the world.
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  • His only option at this point in my opinion is to take the rematch. If he decided to move to 205 he shouldn't be awarded an immediate title shot after the humiliating and frankly sad way he lost the belt. You can't take away the achievements this guy compiled thru out his career but the way his title reign ended is gonna put a nasty blotch in his legacy that I know I won't ever forget. This guy needs to redeem himself whether he knows it or not.

    • What if Silva started fighting safe like GSP?

      • He wouldn't have lost on Saturday.

  • He needs to take a fight against Nick Ring or Alessio Sakara. Back of the line you go Anderson… it's the only way… got to work your way back up.

  • He needs to reflect on his in cage behavior and possible see a sport psychologist and work on controlling his in cage emotions – It's been a problem for sometime and had finally cost him a loss. I think it's a deeper issue than it appears to be.

    • What Silva is essentially doing is the opposite of what his corner is telling him to do. if I was a coach or corner man I would be pissed watching him allow an opponent to tag him. Silva mentioned how hard he trained yet he threw alot of that out the window with his antics…I don't get it…Thats why GSP is so great.

      • 321…I would love to have a camera focused on this corner for the whole thing. Surely, they could not have been pleased and then when the loss came, ouch.

        I venture a guess that many tears were shed in Brazil and Vegas, Saturday.

        • @Brian…..That would have been awesome especially with a portugese translation from each cornermmen !!!! I wonder what the nogeuria brothers are saying right now.

    • I endorse that thought. I thought he was completely out of control and not just in the fight. I thought he looked weak when he stepped into Chris at the weigh-in. Chris or something, was in his head. I would never say he was focused. I hate to say it, but he got what he bought.

  • no he needs to be like GSP. increase his wrestling skills, hold opponents down and coast for 5 rounds, have the majority of his fights in his home country so he not boo'd for fighting like a punch shy warrior.
    silva fought the way he always has and he got caught. 17/18 is pretty damn good.
    silva needs to do whats right for him whatever that maybe, he still an exciting and DIFFERENT type of fighter 1 KO off of a bad mistake wont change that.
    though i would prefer to see the aggression from the first franklin fight in a rematch against wiedmann.

    • showmanship is fine but reckless is not. My point is GSP stays composed and focussed and doesn't donkey around and put himself in danger.

      • Yeah and with that said GSP. dry ******* legs for 3.5 minutes around he's still be knocked out the same amount as Silva. Silva's style is Silva's style. He would have gotten away with the taunting like he always had if he wouldn't have added that stupid fake being hurt stanky leg impression.

        • He shouldn't have showboated as much, and been more focused on finishing the fight. Yes, he silva seems to have a problem with controlling his emotions during fights when he obviosly doesn't feel that the challenger is worthy.
          Also,he is almost 40 yrs old and his style is largely dependent on his reflexes, movement, immaculate timing and precision…
          With age reflexes and movement with start to deteriorate(although i didn't see any signs of it) but it is inevitable that it will happen. A aging fighter sometimes have to change their style as the yrs pass. Marvin Hagler for example is a good example. He was undefeated for 12yrs, when he was younger he was a technichal boxer with good movement, but when he got older he changed his style to "destruct and destroy mode" as they called, because he wasn't as fast as before and his reflexes wasn't as sharp either… I'm not saying that Anderson is there yet, but with his emotional problems and his hanging his chin in the air with his hands down with his waist it won't be long before he is there or he gets seriously hurt.
          For the record, i love Silva and i think he made some obvious tactical errors, and its a shame to see him lose the title like this but i hope he learnt the lesson well this time.
          "No matter how much superior you are to your opponent ALWAYS hesepct him or sooner or later you will get embarassed"….
          Hespect' pa'todo el mundo…

  • He is almoste 40, maybe simply tired of everything.
    But I think that Wideman could not have the chance with real Anderson…

    • I agree he is probably tired of fighting, running businesses, doing interviews, but his emotions in the cage show he has plenty of fire. He doesn't look like a Chris Leben. He is still lightning fast, agile, strong and the best striker

      • Agreed. As a fan, I'd like to see him retire. He has nothing else to prove.

        The G.O.A.T should just call it quits, although he hasn't lost a step.

        • I say, either fight weidman and just beat him as expected and retire, then take out the other "guys who showed up at the right time" and beat them all, wherever they may be.

          Or he can beat wideman decisively, then fight safe like GSP for years to come…that'd REALLY piss people off.

        • lol UDG, you might want to copy/paste that from now on.

    • This is meaningless- "the real Anderson", utterly useless statement. Silva's aura is gone for good. It was a humiliating passing of the torch and you can chalk it up to karma and over-inflated ego…

    • He should "take" his belt back, Fight Bones and THEN retire…

  • putting himself in danger is how he caught belfort, griffin, bonnar, franklin, leben and the majority of his opponents.
    yes i agree he went on to much with it even though silva himself probably seen a dozen openings that could of lead to him winning by a similar way but composure could of lead to wiedmann feeling relaxed enough to shoot in againso he taunted and played with wiedmann to stay in an area he he is more comfortable he probably didnt believe wiedmann would be as comfortable though. he took a chance and it didnt pay off,
    if it did this would be a different article all together.

    • @Zombie…The problem is Silva does not need to place himself in danger to win. His striking is amazing. He could easily knock out the guys you mentioned without the show boating. His Muay Thai is amazing.

      • If so easy– why get knocked out cold in front of the entire world? C'mon!

        • Cause he was acting a damn FOOL, instead of Fighting. He was not fighting. No offense but if you watch that fight and can't see that, you're either blind or totally ignorant to visual facts.

          • seriously mindkontrolle, Anderson wasn't fighting, and he wasn't dancing like usual. He was patting his chin dropping his hands and inviting the strikes. I won't take anything from Weidman because he did exactly what he was supposed to while someone was doing that in front of him. I will still say Silva did it to himself.

          • Experience, I saw offense from Silva. He lasted some nasty kicks, he just stopped doing it and started with the chicken dance and a farmer shot the chicken in the middle of the dance.

            He just did, truly, some stupid things and paid for it. That said, he's done all this stuff before and gotten away with it.

            Silva bet red, ball dropped on black. Lights out.

          • @Brian sure he did stuff like that before but not like this. This was totally different. He would usually do it, dodge 1 and counter HARD. He didn't do it now especially the 2nd round he was just dancing around in circles and not countering AT ALL. It was the weirdest **** i've ever seen. He went completely overboard with that sh*t. I mean he is the best and he can get away with stuff like that but if you're fighting an elite fighter and keep acting a clown for 2 rounds at some point a beast like Weidman is gonna time your headmovement and catch you with an object to kill. If Silva was countering as he usually does. Weidman would think twice to go in swinging. Instead of doing the chicken dance and act like Weidman's first punch of the bunch at the end hurt him, he could've easily turned out and countered… EASILY… but for some reason he just chose not to do it.

    • I always say, I'm more impressed with a fighter that comes in and simply gets it done.

  • If Chael would win against Shogun, and rematch would went down wrong for A.Silva I would like to see Chael vs Silva 3 again. If Anderson doesn't want to be a champ he could have fight with Nick Diaz.

    • I'm a huge Diaz fan, but Diaz doesn't have near the speed Silva has.

  • He should fight at 205 and challange Jon Jones. I'm pretty confident he would win a rematch with Weidman, so I think he needs a new set of opponents and a new lofty goal of dethroning Bones. He's got nothing left to prove, but taking the belt from Jones would just be the icing on his career cake.

  • @enjoylife. would you try to clinch a grappler of wiedmanns caliber? throw a kick with that tell tale switch? if anderson can rock henderson from the inside with a short punch after having him chase him doesnt it seem like a good plan against another top notch grappler with less power? i know it didnt work
    @akordas i would love to see silva v diaz, one the greatest counter striker v one of the most agressive, game plan destroying accurate strikers ever but i dont see it happening sadly 🙁

  • I don't see AS retiring with the amount of fights he has left on his contract, I believe he said 10 in the interview after the Weidman fight but I think its 9 now.

    He'll take the rematch, and I hope Dana gives him a paycut just on the fact he doesn't have the belt. Basically a little extra push to regain the belt which I think he will in a rematch.

    • there is no way he'll get a pay cut… he has a base pay and it can only go UP not DOWN… that doesn't happen. Which is the reason they cut fighters that keep losing. Cause contractually they would still have to pay them that same high amount of money (while they're losing).

  • Its pretty obvious that AS wanted to lose. Why is that you ask? The two things that AS is interested in are
    1) making money and
    2) taking minimum damage
    by letting CW win he accomplished both his goals as he still have 9 paying fights and will lose very few sponsors over this but now he doesn't have to face a bones (how is really a heavyweight). AS is very smart but only cared about being champion for the money i believe the glory means little to him now he has a more relaxed life but still rakes its in

    • "Its pretty obvious that AS wanted to lose."


    • Is it smart to be humiliated like that while brimming with arrogance in front of the whole world?? You better get that sack out of your mouth boy.

      • BTW, thank Herb Dean for the minimum damage, had it been Rosenthal, Weidman would have turned him to pulp.

        • All this "he wanted to lose" talk is foolishness. A KO is pretty much a KO. If it had been Jones delivering it instead if Wiedman the only difference would have been that it would have looked better. He gains nothing from losing. If the sport is no longer his interest he could have just retired on a huge win streak.

        • lmao MK, or Mazaggati

    • I don't agree he wanted to lose, I do agree he cared less than usual. IF Silva wanted to lose it wouldn't be to take minimum damage, because then he woulda let the heel hook sink and tapped not been knocked out for the 1rst time in his career. IF Silva wanted to lose I think it would be to start taking fights outside of the title fights, then he can kind of bounce around and pick and choose exciting fights and not have to worry about all the younger prospects (mostly wrestlers) who even though he could beat it wouldn't be as entertaining. once again I'll repeat that I don't believe he WANTED to lose, but I hope now we can see him fight some exciting fights. maybe Vitor in Vegas so there's no TRT. Always wanted to see him fight Bisping, maybe now thats possible. Even Brian Stann would be fun to watch.

  • Silva was getting tagged by Weidman. Had Silva fought properly on the feet, Weidman would have taken him down again. Weidman wins the rematch, especially now that the Jedi aura is gone.

    • That is the dumbest statement I have read today. I'm not saying that you are dumb but that statement is. In the second round Wiedman only touched Silva when Silva allowed it until the last flurry. He tried to take Silva down and failed. In the first he had nothing for Silva on the feat and did okay from the top. The only way you can watch that fight and come to any conclusion other than Silva got tagged acting stupid is through wishful thinking. I just re-watched the fight and the more I analyze it the more sure I am that Chris Wiedman is in for an epic beat down in the rematch.

  • @Jmedno-did you not see the post fight interview? AS does not want to fight for the belt anymore! so why would he get an immediate title shot? I believe he wants fun fights,he wants to relax,no more pressure,no more title defenses,he proved what he's capable of throughout these years…I also believe that even though he has fought like that before he wanted a way out…I don't know why but I think he did…@ Japanegro-is Sakara even around anymore? Nick Ring? come on man,I think you can give AS better opponents than that ,don't you?

  • agreed with all the comments from underdogreatness- Fedor and him got nothing left to prove!

  • Silva was already gassed after taking Weidman's GnP in the first round. Watch how low his lead hand is once he gets back up . This is not vintage Silva show boating, it was to bravado trying to cover being tired.

    I think it is quite possible that the Spider has lost his intensity and didn't care as much about losing as he used to, but to say he lost on purpose is ridiculous. No one wants to get k.o.'d and on their back, looking like a clown.

    • And no matter what Dana says, he's retiring.

      • Please, bet your house this time.

      • Really Crane, do you think were that far down the road? It would be a shame.

      • but crane, he deserves to go out a winner, surely he won't let everyone remember him by that ?

    • maybe he just wanted to know, how far he can push it.
      Once my bro, had a fight on the street, He beat the guy, yet he ended up with a big violet eye, only because he was curious how it is to get hit with no muffler

    • He sure was expending a lot of energy avoiding expending energy through fighting. Wait, no, that doesn't make sense.

    • I had similar thoughts, but I've watched the fight a thousand times now and I'm not sure. I thought Anderson was looking great in the 2nd except for the stupidity. He was hitting Chris with some nasty kicks and one side-kick to the front of the knee, which was nasty. Chris really only checked one of those kicks in the round, yet kept going through them.

      I think if AS had not been so stupid…ah, who knows, man.

      I do know this, he pulled that Stephan Bonnar move and ate a right and a left for it. He stuck his face out for Chris to his and Chris hit it. It was just a bad plan all the way round.

      I also know this, that at break-of-round, one camp was telling their fighter to calm down and the other camp was telling their fight to punch a ****ing hole in the other fighters chest.

      As a Weidman fan, I'm happy, sad and anxious about the outcome of a re-match. My boy needs to learn, but he's already stated that fact.

      When next they meet, Anderson may be more focused, but Chris will be better prepared.

      See ya at the turnstile with ticket in hand, for Weidman / Silva II.

      • that punch a hole in his chest was pretty funny comment…good on ya longo

  • Whats next? Well its simple… rematch Weidman and take "his" belt back. Which is exactly what he'll do. any other fight makes no sense whatsoever. Not only cause he will beat them all, it's just completely senseless. Anderson Silva is "still" the best MMA fighter period and the best should wear the belt.

    • Agreed. He really seemed to be trying to build Chris up after the fight. This was interesting to me because even in his concussed state Anderson had to know that the only reason he got hit was because he was being careless and dancing with himself in stead of his partner. I expect the rematch to go the same way in round one and to look like the second Sonnen fight in second because that is pretty much what it looked like Sat. until he started playing crazy legs. That and most of Anderson's fights against top wrestlers go that way.

  • I wonder what steven segal thinks ?

    • He's probably beating Silva with a bamboo stick in the dojo as we speak. Seagal: Anderson kun….you have ruined my plans to remain relevant….*wack*

      • RFLMAO!!!!!! That is by far the funniest comment I've seen all day…maybe in a week!

        • Dammm I have Seagal's voice going also. lol

    • Under Siege 3 co-staring the spider.

    • Exactly, he's very quite on this one. The only thing we can deduce is that Seagal mustn't have taught Silva anything, this time round.

      • Seagal : "I can show the grasshopper the leaf buy I cant make him eat" .." I said jumping front kick"

  • my 2 cents here- felt like i took the ko after seeing silva lose like that nut he wasnt focused and paid the price in full…does he deserve a rematch?? NO simple as that, he got k.o and vitor should be next in line….win or loss he must take on weidman again to restore some pride..if he doesnt (want) the belt hand it back over to weidman after the fight if he isnt hungry anymore

  • Where is Segal in all of this? Can someone please Think of Segal!!

  • Was the fight fixed??

    • No.

      • Who wins from that?

        • Boxing fans? GSP? Andersons haters who have lost thousands betting against him all these years? Fedor-nutthuggers?

    • Yes, with a left.

  • would silva have pulled off the win his way (like he did before) it would have added to why everybody thinks (knows) he is the greatest. silva deserves a rematch cause of his long reign in the division. hope he takes it and does what he has always done.

  • *this way*…not *his* way (although this way way his way before 🙂

  • And I thought Overeem was overconfident.

  • I think if I comment of this fight one more time, my brain will fall out and get stepped on.

  • Silva vs Bonner to maske some money for his kids

  • Congratulations to the 3 or 4 other Lowkickers who had the brains to see that Weidman has the skill to beat Silva. To the rest of you Silva nut-huggers, shame on you for now choosing to give excuses on why Silva lost, instead of giving Weidman the credit he is due. He not only beat the arrogant Silva, he beat him at his own game. Next time they fight Weidman will take him down and grind his face into hamburger instead of TKO'ing him.

    No excuses boys, so admit it, you were WRONG.

    • Not to get everyone all rowled up, but you eloquently put it bluntly 8))

      Holy krap, I spelled eloquently right without seeing a red line under it whohoo

    • oh and thanks.

  • You Silva fans who said that Weidman had "no chance" and the fight was a "formality" should be ashamed of yourselves, because now you hide behind your lame comments.

    • oh, be nice to Janice lol


    Can't stand fickle fans. He got caught, so what? He's still good. Tom Brady had his super bowl pass picked off. Don't see football fans all saying he's can't play and takes too many risks do you? MMA has the most fickle fans.