2012 was a year that saw some of the cleanest, most brutally devastating knockouts since I can remember. For a year that was soo inconsistent with events and scheduled opponents, we were treated to some truly shocking moments of severe blunt force trauma. My personal favorites being Lyoto Machida's counter punch KO on Ryan Bader and #1 on my list by far, was Cung Le's brutal KO on Rich Franklin.

The KO is a special moment in MMA. It’s that red button everyone tells you not to push, because of the danger and devastation it might cause. It’s that well-timed propelled fist to the face that hits just the right spot ever so perfectly, causing your opponent to temporarily part with his consciousness. And yet in a very sickening way, we all enjoy it so very much. We wouldn't want it to happen to us, yet we can’t watch enough of it happening to other people.

Which brings me to this. 15 minutes of beauty for you to truly enjoy the moments that made us jump off the couch, pick our jaws up off the floor and scream out mountains of profanity.

I give you. The best knockouts of 2012: