Superfight With Anderson Silva Is A Sure Thing According To Jon Jones


Fans have been speculating about a superfight between Anderson Silva and Jon ones ever since ‘Bones’ chewed up the Light-Heavyweight division, and destroyed Shogun for the belt. Rumours have been circulating for a while now, but they were put to bed many times by Jones. JJ said it would be a lose-lose situation fighting ‘The Spider, so many of the rumours were put to rest.

Dana White recently reiterated his interest in seeing the two top P4P (arguably) fighters on the planet facing off in a superfight. It would seem that Jones may have started towing the line also, changing his stance in a recent interview on 99.3 The Fox’s Jeff O’Niell in Vancouver. Jones was asked if he would ever fight Anderson Silva:

“Yeah definitely, there will be a time, there will come a time. One day, I said it first here. Normally I beat around the bush, but it’s going to happen for sure.”

This is great news for the MMA world, in my opinion. A fight between one of the, if not the greatest Light-Heavyweights of all time and the undisputed king of the Middleweights-Anderson Silva. When these two meet it will undoubtedly be for the number one P4P spot.

As well as the above interview I bring you a video interview with Jones, in which he speaks to James Koh and reaffirms his stance on the Silva fight. Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • It is a pity Silva is old now. If he beats Jones even I'll declare him p4p #1 but I don't think he has much chance at all even with his superior striking. Jones is too big, too fresh, too new school, and most of all too dynamic and diverse for Silva. A few years ago I think Silva would have had a chance but age is now against him.

    If this fight did ever happen I think if Silva did win it would be due to submission rather than TKO as he has a very solid jitz game and Belfort showed the world that Jones' jitz defense still has some work to be done on it. I think standing Jones reach and variation will be too much for Silva to get anything started. I don't blame Silva for not wanting to fight Jones, but equally he should stop calling out GSP.

    he has signed a 10 fight contract and the MW division is slowly developing some good depth to it so he'll have some good challenges coming through there. Weidman has a style that Silva could struggle with so let's see if he can cope with a highly aggressive wrestler like Weidman before anything else. Sonnen dominated for 6 of 7 rounds against Silva despite losing twice so Weidman has a chance if has success with takedowns and clinch.

    I would like to see Jones against Meathead since there seems to be some bad blood and I think Jones is bulking up gradually and could soon fight at HW without too much disadvantage.

    • Silva would knock Bones out in rnd 1 or 2… and that's the end of it!

      • @experience and azzika
        Silva age isn't a factor I haven't seen any decline in speed or stamina in any of his fights. I would love to see Silva KO Jones and I think he could but then practicality kicks in and I ask myself what will happen if Jones grabs a hold of Silva. As a huge Silva fan, once I answer that question honestly I actually start to think I would rather see him fight GSP, at least we know Silva would have 5 rounds to find a way to finish.

  • Ali vs Foreman all over again. The G.O.A.T would knock Jones out in the 2nd round.

  • Wake me when it does.

    On another note, I was shocked to hear (yesterday) that there is some serious discussion of GSP dropping down to 155, for a super-fight with Bendo. I had no idea that was even on the radar screen.

    Again, for all this to happen, Champs have to keep winning. Keeping Sonnen out of the conversation, Weidman and Hendricks must be successfully dealt with, for any super-fights to happen or at least, to have any true meaning.

    • The discussion was GSP fighting a 55lber under 170 (the most pertinent parts at least). He said he theoretically could make 155, but he relayed that more to him fighting somebody like Ben at a catch weight under 170 (rather than Silva at a high catch weight).

      If I had to guess I'd say the most likely option would be Silva facing Jones if he beats Weidman. But that would only be about 40% probability.

  • Its a toss up fight no doubt. I would love to see Anderson win and then retire. There will always be the next big thing. Ali vs Tyson is a perfect example; heavily debated, but realistically its a fight that never did or even could happen. Jones vs Anderson is a fight that can happen.

    Its like you guys said Ali vs Foreman. Great fight, probably the best fight with the most hype surrounding it. Why would either of them not want to be a part of that. Both have cemented themselves as the current best. If Anderson was to fight for 5 more years or whatever his contract is, 10 or 8 fights; he will be in the top 5…number 1, well thats a long shot.

    Make it happen Dana

  • You guys have it wrong. This is NOT Ali vs Foreman. This is Ali (Jon Jones) Vs Bruce Lee (Anderson Silva) and Bruce is going to destroy.

    • Ali would KO Lee after battering his face for 5-10 minutes.

      • Doubt it. Bruce had better/more diverse striking, better footwork and if things did go poorly on the feet he had infinitely superior wrestling and grappling. Bruce would had embarrassed Ali just as bad as Couture embarrassed James Toney. You Lee deniers need to understand that the **** you saw Bruce do in the movies is not JKD, it is just Bruce's take on movie Kung Fu. Bruce trained basically the same way we do and made sure his wrestling and grappling were on par with his striking which was phenomenal. He trained with a lot of pro-fighters and a number of them described his abilities as bordering on supernatural. Ali would have lost bad.

  • I would love more than anything to believe this is going to be easy for Anderson Silva. The deciding factor for me here is Greg Jackson's boring yet effective game-planning.

    Bones has the skills in the wrestling department, so I imagine Greg "Go get yourself some fans" Jackson will utilize Chael Sonnen's strategy against the spider to lay and pray, and elbow his way, to victory.

    We've seen the spider in trouble on the ground with people like Travis Lutter. I am certain Jackson will try to exploit that, as much as it burns me inside to imagine it! Perhaps we'll see how Jones' wrestling compares to Sonnen this weekend, and I believe there will be a whole new perspective on the Jones v Silva fight.

  • if jones crawls out like he does it should be a easy takedown for chael. i was watching the belfort fight and when vitor kicks him crawling out big john says your the one playing!! lol

    • Jones is by far the better wrestler. Chael isn't getting the TD.