A lot of people have a different view on who is the greatest fighter of all time, this was shown quite vividly by the storm of comments following my recent poll about the subject. Some people feel that the Anderson Silva reigns supreme, where others feel that Fedor holds the title and then there were some who looked back to the days of Chuck Liddell, Royce Gracie and even Mark Coleman.

In light of the huge amount of variation in peoples views,  I've decided to open the flood gates to the users of Lowkick.com.The Mass Debate will allow you, the awesome Lowkick.com users, to have your argument put forward in the first article of the series. Here are some of the guidelines I would like you to follow:

1. Leave your argument in the comments section.

2. Keep it PG-13 (no swearing).

3. Give your argument a title e.g 'Why Saku Is The Boss'.

4. Make the argument no more than 100 words long.

If you'd like to use a comment that you have already posted on another thread then just copy and paste it, but don't steal anyone else's work please. The end article will feature arguments from your's truly and some of the other usual suspects as well as some of the best of your arguments. Get involved and have your say in Lowkick.com's Mass Debate!