UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has plowed through eleven straight opponents, each one of them being one of the top 170-pound fighters in mixed martial arts. He’s on the verge of breaking several UFC records, including most wins and most overall time fighting in the Octagon.

Yet many stand firm in their belief that his next opponent Johny Hendricks is the man to put an end’s to St. Pierre’s impressive streak. Indeed no past foe of GSP had the knockout power and wrestling pedigree that Hendricks brings to the table. His crushing left hook knockouts are some of the quickest ever seen, but GSP simply isn’t scared of that happening:

“I believe I’m going to get hit in this fight and I’m ready for it. I’m not scared of it. I believe it is most likely that chances are that, yes, I’m going to get hit. If you get hit and you’re scared that’s when you take all the impact and you have to be ready for it. Johny is a very well rounded fighter and he’s got a lot more than this. He’s got a great right hook as well and an uppercut, knees, great double leg. He’s very well rounded. I prepared very well for what I believe is coming for the fight and of course people talk about his left hand, but I don’t only focus on that.” – via MMA Weekly

St. Pierre is ready for all of the skills that Hendricks brings to the cage, and that’s no surprise. St. Pierre is known as the most cerebral fighter in the UFC. His gameplans are legendary. St. Pierre has routinely neutralized the main strengths of the highest level of Welterweight talent in the world.

But he has more pressure than just beating Hendricks this Saturday night.

GSP was knocked out once before against Matt Serra in 2007. That seemingly marked the beginning of a new era for GSP, one where he fought much more cautiously. He began looking for the takedown rather than the flashy knockouts he had become known for.

Critics are mounting with every decision St. Pierre takes home. He’s been thoroughly dominant but that isn’t enough for his detractors. Rumors about GSP retiring have begun to swirl as well. He may not be scared of Hendricks’ vaunted left hand, but that may not matter. Will St. Pierre prove that he is still the undisputed king of the stacked UFC Welterweight division?