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POLL: Does The Winner Of Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley Deserve A Title Shot?


This Saturday night (June 14, 2014) from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, top-ranked UFC welterweights Rory MacDonald and Tyron Woodley will go to war in the co-main event of UFC 174.

When the bout was booked following Woodley’s UFC 171 win over former interim champ Carlos Condit, it was largely thought that the next contender to Johny Hendricks’ belt would emerge from it.

However, unfortunately for MacDonald and Woodley, that honor was bestowed upon the recently scheduled Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown headliner at July’s UFC on FOX 12.

With welterweight arguably being the most stacked division in all of MMA right now, title shots are going to be incredibly hard to come by. If top fighters like the No. 2 MacDonald and No. 3 Woodley don’t earn one with a win in a fight like this, then they’ll probably have to face and defeat another Top 5 challenger to get their coveted shot at gold, if not more.

But that’s the fight game, and it’s tough to deny Lawler, who nearly had the belt at UFC 171, or Brown, who has won seven straight fights, their opportunity.

So what do you think? Should the shot have gone to MacDonald or Woodley, or did the UFC do what was right in making Lawler vs. Brown a title eliminator bout?

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  • Rory had a good showing against Maia, who was coming off a loss to Jake Shields. Tyron lost to Shields himself in his last 3. Hell, Hector has more of a claim than these two for beating Shields and having no losses at welterweight. It may be the fault of some poor booking in the past, but Lawler and Brown are closer.

  • I think Rorys ranking has been padded for a while. I don't think he can beat Hendricks, Lombard, Brown or Lawler. He beat Maia who has been only beating himself as of late. Maia made Rory look like a kid in R1 and defeated himself by not going with his strengths and trying to be exciting. Even Maias last fight was bad even though he won. He gets dominant and then tries to GNP instead of using his bread and butter to seal the deal.

    • Maia made Rory look like a kid in R1?!? Maia is a multiple WORLD BJJ CHAMPION, yet he wasn't able to submit Rory when he had his back &/or had him mounted for close to 4 mins, thats somce sick submition defense. Wearing a guy (who's a BJJ world champ) on your back like a back pack for nearly 4 mins, and then dominating the next two rounds, is pretty impressive.

      I'll take Woodley's or Rory's resume over Matt Brown's any day of the week, and twice on Sunday! Sure Brown has won 7 straight fights, how many of them were in the top 10?!? Thats right, ZERO!

      If winning 7 straight fights vs. unranked opponents is going to get a guy a #1 contender fight, then why bother fighting 3 or 4 top 10 opponents (risk losing), when you can beat up "bums" who aren't even ranked in the top 15, let alone the top 10 & get a #1 contender fight.

      Brown's last 7 fights: Chris Cope was 5-2 (all records are before they fought Brown), Thompson 6-0, Luis Ramos 19-7, Swick 15-4, Jordan Mein 27-8 (took the fight on 2-3 weeks notice), Mike Pyle 25-8 & Erick Silva 16-4

      Not one of these opponents have ever beaten a top 10 WW. WOW Brown is incredible, to beat 7 "cans" who have never beaten any ranked WW, is impressive. How's Brown not the Champ by default, after seing who he's beaten in the last 7 fights?!? Especially after beating Mike Pyle, a guy who would destroy GSP, according to Brown. Bahahaha GTFO of here, with a stupid & uneducated comments like that, it's hard to take Brown seriously or like him. Pyle can beat the Champ who hasn't lost in several years, who's fought the 2nd best WW for years without a loss, and has a 25-2 record?!? I hope Lawler paralyzes Brown.

      • Your an idiot Brown was on the way up that is why he fought so many low ranked guys because he was low ranked himself… you gotta follow the ranking system or it is pointless and you gotta give the guys who are tearing threw the competition a shot

        • whitemare…weakest comment ever. The people that gave you sharps are weirdos of some sort…

  • Nobodies rankings are more padded than Matt brown's the guy hasn't faced a top guy ever so he hasn't even has a chance to loose to one. He doesn't belong in the top ten he hasn't faced anyone from the top ten. There is literally no other sport shit like that happens. I love the guy but he isn't good enough to be in that group. So Rory at least deserves the shot before him. Hell any top ten deserves a shot more than him.

    • I sorta kinda agree.. HOWEVER.. IF he finishes Lawler. It's hard to argue he shouldn't get a shot.

    • I agree on that, But also feel like XP after their next fights that Brown would be more deserving not to mention in my books Brown would beat Rory. I think Lawler deserves it the most.

      • Also Rory has been ranked top 5 for a long time and Brown is only getting in to the top talk. The padding is higher if you go back on Rory's records and look at who he faced back then. Rory has been title challenger for a long time now but for a long time had no top wins.

        • Again brown hasn't faced a top level guy so who knows what his striking will look like against top guys. From a technical standpoint he is average. Maybe Rory could stand with him it's really hard to tell how good brown is becausep c he has yet to face anyone good. Rory has faced top guys. Brown hasn't. It's far easier to look great facing guys unranked. Rory has beaten ellenberger, Maia, and (granted an unmotivated) bj penn.

          • you really going to include Jake Ellengerger fight? lol. Maia was making a toy out of Rory and as of recently Maia is always losing to himself. Rory has faced some good names on bad days.

      • Not sure if Brown would be Rory man…. Certainly his striking is better but Rory would probably rag doll Brown all night. Rory's wrestling is far superior.

        • *beat…

        • I think Browns wrestling is pretty good and he's more ferocious when things get close anyway.

    • Finally a Matt Brown fan with a brain, unfortunately there are very few of you. Brown has looked "good" in his last 7 fights, the only problem is, they were vs. BUMS! Not one guy was in the top 10, and not a single one of them have even beaten a top 10, EVER!
      But he might get a title fight if he beats Lawler?!? The only way he beats Lawler, is if he gets lucky, and if he gets lucky he shouldn't get a title fight, he should prove the lucky win, wasn't lucky!

      HUNTERb: LMAO at your comment, I seriosuly LOL! "Finish Lawler??? bahahahahahaha."

      No way Brown deserves a title fight (even with a win over Lawler) before Rory, Lombard or Woodley. Jesus, Hendricks had to beat 4 or 5 top 10 opponents, while Brown may only need to beat one top 10, with 7 straight can beatings! Makes absolutely NO SENSE!!! But I forgot, Brown beat Mike Pyle, a who who would destroy GSP!!!

  • Not until he beats Lawler.