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Read Floyd Mayweather’s Latest Reaction To Conor McGregor Drama


Following yesterday’s report that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather had reached a staggering agreement on their proposed super fight, which both Mayweather and UFC President Dana White shot down, “The Notorious” hopped on Twitter to call out the boxing great in an effort to get the hype train rolling even more.

Now Mayweather is back with his own response, and it seems to be quite simple. Apparently done with the games, Mayweather told McGregor and his team to finish their business with the UFC and get ahold of his team this morning:

That would seem like the clearest course of action to signing this monumental bout, and Mayweather has laid down a simple gameplan for doing it.

However, as we witnessed with his long-rumored fight with Manny Pacquaio that took so long to negotiate both fighters were out of their prime, reaching a mutually beneficial agreement with ‘Money’ and his management is never an easy thing.

The UFC obviously stands as a huge roadblock in the way of getting the superfight signed, and Mayweather knows it. Is this just another made-up bunch of hype, or will this fight actually happen like it seems to be progressing?

  • Juan Diablo

    I wonder how much Floyd’s vocabulary guy gets paid a year. You know, since Floyd can’t read or write…

    • kevin

      i dont think its on the top of his priorities. too busy rolling around in bentlys/hookers

      • Juan Diablo

        He has to be paying someone to write these tweets for him, I think the priority is pretty high lately

        • Murderous1

          He can fight be can cash be can make Hater’s like you jealous and mad that’s a good life

          • Juan Diablo

            What does that make you then, considering how quickly you run to the defense of a man who doesn’t know you exist lol? Also, why are you capitalizing the word hater in the middle of a sentence? It’s unbecoming, and so is the composition you used- that sentence is a mess lol

          • Murderous1

            Don’t be a girly boy your whole life trying to correct grammar really exposes that FYI

          • buddy

            Your low educational level is holding you back from communicating effectively. Also don’t be homophobe (did you have to look that up?) you unlettered fool.

  • doublehalf21

    McGregor NEEDS this fight. That’s why he’s pushing for it so much.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “reaching a mutually beneficial agreement with ‘Money’ and his management”

    I would like to think that easily coercing IMG is the only hold up,
    but the Paq rivalry was a fiasco

    And theres nobody else to blame for that

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Its easy money for maywether,
      but its not too hard to imagine him acting endlessly like a spoiled women

      • buddy

        The deranged orange slug is president and aFriendlyAgenda is making sense. Am i living in bizarro world? lol

  • leonaidis

    Conor has plans on starting his own fight promotion. Apparently they had been talking with Mayweather on doing it together, but that fell threw. And I recon Floyd is smarter than going in to such a venture with Conor, it wouldn’t be a serious fight promotion with McG on board, it would be entertainment, it would be a new WWE.