UFC Sacramento Results: Karl Roberson Grapples Wellington Turman To Decision Win

Karl Roberson grapples
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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Round 1: Turman clinched with a body lock and slammed him down to the ground in the opening minute. Turman got side control but Roberson scrambled and got on top in half guard where he fired off some big shots. Turman teased an armbar but let go. Roberson stayed in side control for the rest of the rounds while landing some solid shots. 

Round 2: Turman was mixing up his strikes well but Roberson was quick to clinch up with him and land some nice knee strikes to the gut. Turman shoots in but Roberson defends it. From there, Turman takes his back standing against the cage. Turman got him down to the ground and was in back mount but Roberson scrambled and got on top in guard. 

Round 3: Turman lands a kick to the body, but Roberson ties him up and presses him into the cage. Turman drags him to the canvas and threatens with a choke but doesn’t get it. Turman back to full mount with two minutes to go. Roberson gives up his back again and Turman is looking for the choke but Roberson scrambled and got on top where he rained down some bombs. 

Results: Karl Roberson def. Wellington Turman by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)