Now this will be a quick return to action for Lytle since he is just coming off an impressive victory at UFC 116 where he submitted the always tough Matt Brown which many believe should have earned Lytle ‘Submission of the Night’ honours but that title went to UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar for his 2nd round sub over knockout artist and previousily unbeaten Shane Carwin.

As for Matt Serra, last time we saw him in action was at UFC 109 where he TKO’d Frank Trigg.

With Lytle on on a three fight winning streak (The 1st three fight winning streak of his carreer) he will look to go to four fight win streak but he will have another tough test ahead of him in Matt Serra. Whoever wins, this is going to have all the ingredients for ‘Fight of the Night’ which would be nothing new for Chris Lytle since he has received seven Fight of the Night honours in his last nine fights.