BlogKick: Do you remember your first time?

I actually remember it like it was yesterday. Let me take you in a trip in my time machine, back to the year 1994. I was young and naive, didn’t know too much the world yet. Growing up as a young kid in Vancouver, Britsh Columbia, Canada at the time I was a big Martial Arts movie buff. I loved watching movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Steven Seagal just to name a few. I loved playing Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat on my Sega Genesis (or Megadrive for you people not from North

TUF Future and Brock Lesnar

Weeks back Mr Dana White mention the idea of Having Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir as coaches of the next season of TUF. But right after that there was news about Mir fighting Brendan Schaub, making the TUF idea almost impossible.That and also the fact that Brock turn it down, but according to Meltzer Lesnar would like to make a good paycheck by headlining WrestleMania, The Undertaker already made his move right after Cain Velasquez defeat him at UFC 121.
The idea that Spike got is to make Lesnar a TUF coach

Top 5 Dream Superfights

Mix Martial Arts has been called the future. The fastest Growing sport in the world today.
Here is where a person becomes a fighter, a fighter a star, a star into Champion, and Champions into Legends.
Now fighters are to fans, what superheroes are to kids. Icons , Idols , a form of admiration and respect. Now every fan of the sport has their own favorites fighters , but everyone loves the fighter who becomes the Champion, Every wish and desire of the fans is to see their Champion to rise and defeat every