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Shogun vs. Jones: The Fight we really wanted to see

When it was announced that Rashad Evans had injured himself and was unable to fight Shogun on March 19, the UFC brass scrambled for a replacement. In the end, we got the fight we wanted to see.

Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson Preview

Three months into the year 2011, we have already seen our fair share of epic battles and upsets. From UFC 125 to the opening round of the Strikeforce World Heavyweight Grand Prix, some epic moments that’ll be in our hearts and minds for a long time. I believe Strikeforce: Feijao Vs. Henderson will be no different. From the time I first started watching Strikeforce, I have honestly rarely seen a fight that has bored me to death, and the match makers once again didn’t disappoint. The main card

The Jon "Bones" Jones truth and hype.

A quick overview on Jon Jones, and how he truly stacks up against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Have bandwagon fans created a myth that even "Bones" can't live up to?

MMA Power rankings: The Welterweights

The next chapter in the list of the most talented indivduals in the world today.

MMA Power rankings: The Middle weights

 Terrible day. Have to take a detour on the way to work, then get a ticket because I rush the other way. The work day is fine, but when I go to submit the MW power rankings the whole computer shuts down. I really don't feel like listing descriptions again (especially because I was really happy with the first ones, and I just think I'll miss some points now), but the WW list will be done in full. So without further ado here's who I believe are the most talented MW fighters in the world today: 1.

Blogkick: Important Upcoming Fights

Fedor Emelianenko vs Antonio Silva This may be one of the most important fights of Fedor's career and it has massive implications. A loss to Silva would be catastrophic for M1 and Strikeforce. Fedor is still one of the biggest draws in MMA and almost everyone wants to see him fight, whether you want him to win or lose. This will be the fight that will give us an indicator of where Fedor's skills are at. There are an overwhelming number of fans that believe Fedor is on a downward spiral as a fighter and

Blogkick: The Top 10 Fighters of All Time

Now I won't even begin to preach this list as matter of fact. As with more or less any top 10 list, it is completely subjective and unique to the person making it, and there is no list that everyone will be able to agree on, especially on such a debatable topic as the one I'm about to delve into. However, i have tried to be as fair as possible and take each fighter's accomplishments into account with as equal measure as his counterparts. And that is mostly what my list is attempting to reflect:

Blogkick: Stupid MMA Quotes

After numerous articles outlining various opinions on fighters’ rankings and predictions on upcoming fights I feel like it’s time for a change of pace in the Blogkick third season. This article is a compilation of my favourite “stupid quotes” in MMA. First on the list is Ken Shamrock. After weeks of Tito Ortiz getting the better of Shamrock throughout the first season of TUF and in the build up to their first fight Shamrock finally exploded at the pre-fight press conference with

UFC 126: I ditched my loved ones to see my heroes fight

As fans we are willing to almost pay anything to watch our favorite fighters not only put on a show, but win. Why do we expect the world out of these cards, when there is a chance it might not go as well as previously thought?

Rich Franklin: The CagePotato Retrospective Interview

("When you put your focus on one thing, you tend not to focus on the journey. Once you get there, it's not going to...